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Bedfordshire Golf Club

Rules & Information

This page contains a wide range of documents and guidance on all aspects of golf at Bedfordshire Golf Club. We hope you find them useful.

Reminder to all Members – If it’s Still Dark – Please Don’t Start!

As the days grow shorter, members are reminded that they should not tee-off in the mornings until it is light enough to see well beyond the distance of a drive. On the first hole of the Stagsden Course, this means that unless you can see beyond the first bunker for whatever reason, you should not tee off!

The courses are officially closed until first light as they are when foggy.

The Greens Team have reported incidents recently of ‘near-misses’ whilst they are preparing the course for play before sunrise. At this time of year, the greens team start work in the dark to prepare the course for members to enjoy their golf from first light.

Also, members must respect the club rule, that the greens team have priority on the course when they are working on it – at any time.

Balls should not be played when a shot might reach them. We look forward to your full support on this issue.


AGM Minutes & Accounts

Protected: AGM Minutes

Please click on the links below to find details on a variety of golf advisory information.

This covers from club rules, to etiquette, and applies to all users of the golf courses.

Rating Tables for the Stagsden Course

Course Handicap Tables – Download

Playing Handicap Tables – Download

Current updates:

Pace of Play Guidelines

Pace of play is a recurring theme for complaints among members. While no member ever believes that they are guilty of slow play, most members are not slow in identifying others as being responsible for holding up their game. These guidelines are intended as a reminder to all members of the basic requirements that should enable all players to complete their rounds within reasonable time.

Bedfordshire Golf Club’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The BGC Safeguarding policy documents for both adults and young people can be read online or downloaded via the links below:

Women in Golf Charter

Bedfordshire Golf Club has become a signatory to the Women in Golf Charter. We are working towards creating a positive change in golf, creating a more inclusive culture. See our Charter and Certificate below for more information.

Women in Golf Charter Signatory Certificate – Bedfordshire

Women in Golf Charter for Bedfordshire Golf Club