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Pro's Tip Of The Week - 11th December 2019 
Extra 20 yards anyone? 
Thank you this week to BGC member (and Chairman) Steve Coppock. Like most golfers, Steve is in search of more distance with the driver. He asked for an extra 60 yards, l gave him 20 yards.... not a bad start! 
After looking at data on our GC2 launch monitor, it was clear the clubface was open (this shapes the ball to the right and increases loft) both of which reduce distance. So, we had to close the clubface (to use the correct loft and make the ball fly straighter) both of which will increase distance. 
In the picture - you will see Steve in a good position near the top of his backswing. What l wanted Steve to do is use his hands & arms more in the swing - in order to let the club do the work! 
MY BIG TIP - Turn your golf club the other way round (so the grip end is nearer the ground). With a ‘very light grip’ pressure, make some swings & feel your wrists & forearms working much more than normal, gradually increase the speed and listen to the ‘swoosh’ at impact - this helps release the club & increase clubhead speed!! 
Hope this helps – if you need more information from myself Richard, or one of the other Professionals here at Bedfordshire Golf Club, please contact us by calling 01234 822555 or email me on (Also, if you would like to comment on this newsletter, or feature in a future one, please let me know). 
Pro's Tip Of The Week - 4th December 2019 
Perfect pitching! Thank you this week to B.G.C. member Derek Freeman. Derek has had lessons throughout this year and like many golfers he used to scoop the ball into the air - causing poor contact. Now he regularly hits through the ball better - as a result of better leg action on the downswing. 
The 2 pictures are very different! In the first picture below you will see Derek bending with the arms to try and get the ball into the air - this is a common fault. 
In picture 2, you will see a much improved position - arms straighter, better leg action & weight on his front foot. 
MY BIG TIP - When around the green in wet conditions, select the correct club & get a little weight on your front foot. On the downswing, ‘stretch’ the arms through impact towards the target. Let the club's ‘loft’ do it’s job...don’t try to scoop! 
Hope this helps – if you need more information from myself Richard, or one of the other Professionals here at Bedfordshire Golf Club, please contact us by calling 01234 822555 or email me on (Also, if you would like to comment on this newsletter, or feature in a future one, please let me know). 
Pro's Tip Of The Week - Nov 27th 2019 
Thank you this week to B.G.C. Member Olly Monks, and congratulations for getting down to a 3 handicap. As you can see from his golf attire he has come straight from work! 
Not many days go past where Olly doesn’t use the range - it's good to see the practice is paying off. Recently, we have been working on the start of his swing. A few weeks ago, he was starting the swing with 'too many moving parts'. 
Both pictures here are showing improved version. Picture 1 below shows Olly's club in the correct position as he starts his backswing, the red ‘X’ marks the position where he was swinging the clubhead before. The problem was being too wristy when he starting the golf swing, causing the clubhead to go away from his body. 
In Picture 2 above, the red ‘X’ marks the position where the clubhead was at the top, this was a direct result of a poor start! The start of the swing should be a ‘rotation of the underbody’. The hands and arms should be passive, as Olly now uses his wrists later it then puts the club in a great position at the top - one to copy! 
MY BIG TIP - l often get my pupils to think, that the start of the swing is like a putting movement - a ‘slow’ twist of the shoulders! 
Hope this helps – if you need more information from myself Richard, or one of the other Professionals here at Bedfordshire Golf Club, please contact us by calling 01234 822555 or email me on (Also, if you would like to comment on this newsletter, or feature in a future one, please let me know). 
Pro's Tip Of The Week - Nov 20th 2019 
Sloping lies - something we should all know! 
All golfers (especially ones who play here) should know how to play on slopes! Most players struggle with good contact when hitting from a slope. So, consider hitting a shorter club - this will improve your chances of a better strike. 
Then, you should understand that your body should move ‘with’ the slope. You must try and keep your spine angle approximately 90 degrees to the slope of the ground (and maintain this posture as you swing). Please follow these simple steps when playing: 
* Ball above the feet - chin up. 
* Ball below the feet - chin down. 
* Uphill lie - shoulders level with ground. 
* Downhill lie - shoulders level with ground. 
Thank you this week to B.G.C. Member Ian Richardson. 
Ian has currently signed up for a winter coaching programme to get his game in good shape for the 2020 season and has agreed to let us use him in this week's article to demonstrate how best to play a sloping lie. 
We hope Ian sees some early benefits on the courses from coaching. 
In the picture below, you will see Ian hitting from a ‘downhill lie’. This is quite typical from a golfer, as you can see his shoulders are not parallel to the ground (identified with the red lines). 
In this picture of Richard, he can feel his body move in the direction of the slope. When he gets his shoulders level with the ground (identified with blue lines) he feels about 90% of his weight on his lower foot - this depends how steep the slope is! 
Whether you are new to golf or a seasoned player, the Academy @ Bedfordshire has all you need to learn, improve and enjoy your golf. All our facilities are available to both members and visitors to the club. 
Our team of dedicated P.G.A. qualified coaching Professionals, offer a range of coaching packages that can be tailor made to suit any golfer of any standard. On course playing lessons are available on both the Championship, and Academy courses. 
Our 24 bay covered and floodlit driving range, along with top quality two piece balls and sure strike mats, give you the chance to learn and improve your golf whatever the weather.  
We have also provided a superb array of targets which have all been individually measured for distance from each bay and included on our range maps. Clubs can also be provided for those using the range. 
The excellent putting green, practise bunkers, and short game area are a great facility, and vital to anyone looking for a long term improvement to their game. 
The Academy also has the use of an indoor GC2 launch monitor for those players wishing for a deeper understanding of the shots they are hitting, or for club fitting. The use of this can be included as part of any coaching package. 
The 18 hole Championship course provides an excellent challenge all year round. The shorter Academy course gives the novice golfer their first chance to experience all the pleasures and challenges the game of golf has to offer. 
E-mail or call 01234 822555 for any more information. 
Pro's Tip Of The Week - Nov 13th 2019 
How to hit your fairway woods! 
Thank you this week to B.G.C member Linda Lewington, I have been coaching Linda for a few years now since she first joined the club (apparently when l'm not available Barbara is always on hand to offer advice - lol). 
Many players struggle to hit fairway woods! For me, you need a perfect lie (preferred lies are now on) and stance, to have the best chance of hitting a quality shot. An alternative club would be a hybrid, which increases your chance of good contact. 
As you will see in picture 1 below (red lines), Linda has her shoulders level with the ground, which gives her a steep ‘angle of attack’ at impact. This encourages a low ball flight (not good for these winter conditions). 
In picture 2 (blue lines), Linda has tilted her shoulders to increase her chances on hitting up on the ball - this will help increase loft at impact. This will increase her carry distance and total distance. 
When moving the ball forward in the stance, players tend to put more weight on their front foot! Try not to do this - instead when moving the ball forward in your stance, focus at the back of the ball - this will help the shoulders ‘tilt’ in the correct manner. TIP - this also works great for the driver!! Try it. 
Hope this helps – if you need more information from myself Richard, or one of the other Professionals, Steve or Denise, here at Bedfordshire Golf Club, please contact us by calling 01234 822555 or email me on 
(Also, if you would like to feature in this newsletter please let us know.) 
Pro's Tip Of The Week - Nov 6th 2019 
How do l play from Wet Bunkers? - by Richard Banks 
During a lesson with one of our members last week, this question was asked by a pupil. If you've been away with me on my Portugal Coaching Trip, you will know l talk about the different types of sand ‘soft’ or ‘hard’. 
I then go onto discuss the ‘bounce angle’ on a wedge (the angle below the clubface - this encourages the sole of the club to either skim or dig into the sand). 
Basically, the standard way of playing a bunker shot out of ‘soft’ sand is to aim the clubface to the right of the target, and feet left. 
To play out of WET ‘hard’ sand you need to aim the clubface left of target, and feet right. 
Please see picture - the red line identifies the target line, the blue lines help to show the direction of the clubface & feet. 
Once the set up is correct, play your normal bunker swing & let the club dig into the sand. TOP TIP - use a lob wedge! 
(Please note: this article is based on a right handed golfer - the opposite is required for a left handed golfer). 
Hope this helps – if you need more information from myself Richard, or one of the other Professionals here at Bedfordshire Golf Club, please contact us by calling 01234 822555 or email us on 
Pro's Tip of The Week - Oct 30th 2019 
What to do in the Thick Wet Rough 
Over the last few weeks, course conditions have really changed – it's wet out there!! When you find yourself in the wet rough, the club-head will slow down & twist closed (de-loft the club-face) through impact so it could be time to take your medicine and follow these tips: 
1. Lie & Stance - If the lie is bad and / or you are on a slope, you need to use a shorter more lofted club. This is because the ball will come out very low and to the left of target (for right handed players). 
2. Set up - Grip down on the handle and get closer to the ball. Make sure your grip pressure is tighter than normal so you have more control over the club-face when it tries to twist at impact. 
3. Swing - For me, it's important to know that you need a steeper angle of attack during the strike – so you hit as little wet grass as possible. There are lots ways to achieve this, I generally get my pupils to use there ‘hands and arms’ more during the backswing. Get the ‘feel’ that you are picking up the club with very little leg action. Then during the downswing accelerate hard through impact. 
Hope this helps – if you need more information from myself Richard, or one of the other Professionals here at Bedfordshire Golf Club, please contact us by calling 01234 822555 or email us on 
Bedfordshire Golf Club launches #givegolfago to help get more Ladies and girls into golf. 
The first of a fun, group based sessions for women and girls who want to try a new sport and learn new skills in a dynamic and lively environment took place at Bedfordshire Golf Club last week with 10 women and girls attending. Several more called, expressing an interest about future events. It’s a great initiative to get more girls and women into golf and judging by the response there are definitely girls out there who are keen to do so. 
We had a perfect day to put golf clubs into these wiling hands. Some were just keen to give it a go, others had a family member who played and just wanted to know what it was all about. Some had already had a few lessons, some none at all. With a few tips from our lady Golf Professional Denise it wasn’t long before they were all hitting golf balls with ease. 
First steps mastered, Denise then challenged them to hit a balls through hoops and other fun obstacles making practise meaningful. 
Denise will follow up with each one of them and offer further group sessions and opportunities to really find their way into golf. 
Those who had been into our club house commented on how friendly and welcoming we were, rather than the stuffy experience they had anticipated. Music to our ears - remember, Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!! 
Congratulations to Denise Hastings - PGA Advanced Fellow Professional 
Many congratulations to our lady pro, Denise Hastings who was awarded membership of the PGA Advanced Fellow Professionals by Gordon Campbell - East Region PGA Secretary on Wednesday 9 May 2018. 
This prestigious award is part of the APAL scheme (Accreditation of Professional Achievement and Learning) operated by The PGA. This Membership is only awarded to qualified Members held in high national or international esteem who have made a significant contribution to the development of the game. 
Denise has dedicated her life to golf. She started playing in her home city of Liverpool and was a founder member of the Ladies European Tour on which she played for 9 years. 
She started her golf coaching career at Abbotsley where she was influenced by Vivien Saunders amongst others. Denise has worked with many great pros over the years whom she has helped to develop their game working at the 'Swingzone' at The Open for 12 years, The Ladies Open, Seniors Open and British Masters to name but a few. However, she continues to extend her already comprehensive knowledge and skills of the game by travelling to the USA and Spain in her quest to be the best coach she can be. Denise is equally happy coaching individuals from all walks of life, ranging from young children to grandparents and everything else in between. She was also one of the first disability coaches in the UK. In her mind there should be no obstacles to playing and enjoying the sport. 
This award goes some way in recognising everything Denise has put into the game of golf over the years. We are extremely proud to have her at our club and send our warmest congratulations to her for this very well deserved accolade. 
Denise is pictured below with her award and some of the people who came to support her on the day. 
Bedfordshire Golf Club - custom fitting 
Our team of qualified P.G.A Professionals are also at hand to help you 
make the right choice when it comes to your golf clubs, whether a full set of irons, your next driver or putter. 
Our state of the art fitting centre, along with our GC2 launch monitor, 
helps our fitters to make the right recommendations for brand, model, weight and flex of shaft, loft, club length, lie angle and grip size. The process also allows you to directly compare the performance against your existing equipment so you can make an informed decision. 
You do not need to be a member of the club to benefit from our team's expertise - just call our Professional Shop on 01234 822555 or complete our short contact form in this page. 
Cake & Clubs - Golf Coaching with a Difference 
Denise Hastings as a member of our BGC Golf Professional Team, has been running sessions called 'Cake and Clubs' for about 2 years. Cake & Clubs is a 2 hour session where includes a mix of golf tuition (both long and short game) with the ladies, and occasionally some holes on our Par 3 course. 
Challenges are set and there’s much banter and “encouragement” whilst they are attempted! 
The sessions end with Cake, Tea/Coffee or sometimes 'Bubbles' in the summer! These are very social sessions where the ladies are also able to catch up with each other. Ladies are now coming from Beds and County, Dunstable downs, John O Gaunt, Letchworth, Aylesbury Vale, Leighton Buzzard, Aspley Guise & Kingsthorp in Northampton. 
It's proving an all round winner with the ladies, as they come back with their friends and play the course/practice, then have lunch, as well as one to one lessons with Denise. Some even purchase golf items from our well stocked pro shop. 
Finally the PGA has contacted Denise to enquire about using the concept of cake and clubs nationally to get more women into the sport - what a great way to promote Bedfordshire Golf Club. 
If you're interested, contact Denise in the Pro-Shop on 01234 822555 ex3 
or send a message via the Pro-Shop website at proshop@bedfordshiregolf. com 
Skills coaching 
The ladies in festive spirit whilst improving their golf! 
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