Reciprocal Golf 

We are delighted to announce that Bedford & County Golf Club and Bedfordshire Golf Club have reached agreement to provide each other's members with beneficial reciprocal golfing facililites with immediate effect. 
Details of all current reciprocal golf schemes for Befordshire Golf Club Members are shown below: 
BEDFORD & COUNTY 01234 352617 - (£10 WEEKDAY & £15 WEEKENDS) 
BUCKINGHAM 01280 815566 - (£10 WEEKDAY & £15 WEEKENDS) 
MILLBROOK 01525 840252 - (£10 WEEKDAY & £15 WEEKENDS) 
SOUTH BEDS 01582 591500 - (£10 WEEKDAY & £15 WEEKENDS) 
ST NEOTS 01480 472363 - (£5 WEEKDAY & £10 WEEKENDS) 
The following rules will apply from date of entry to scheme 
Fees are levied as below and parity will apply when visiting reciprocal clubs but does not include food. 
Bedfordshire Golf Club charge £10 weekdays & £15 weekends - this includes a £5 food/drink voucher. 
Arrangements for reciprocal golf cannot be made more than a month in advance 
This reciprocal arrangement applies only to adult male and female members, with a current CONGU handicap and will only be available in accordance with their Membership category. i.e. 5 day Members will NOT be permitted to participate in reciprocal golf at weekends. 
Bedfordshire Golf Club Members 
Must phone the secretary of the club they wish to visit themselves to ascertain availability. 
Will not be able to play before 10:00hrs weekdays or 15:00hrs at weekends 
Will be eligible to a max of 8 members at a time. 
Must obtain a letter of introduction from the office which must be presented when arriving at the host club. Failure to present the letter will mean you are not eligible to receive courtesy via these arrangements. 
Must obey all the host club rules. 
Visitors to Bedfordshire Golf Club 
Will be permitted to play weekdays after 10:00hrs and weekends after 15:00hrs, subject to course availability. 
Will be limited to a daily maximum total use of 6 x 4 ball slots per day. 
No more than 8 players per day from a single club will be accepted. 
Must have phoned before the visit to ascertain availability. 
Must bring a letter of introduction from their home club. This should state the handicaps of all the visitors. 
Will NOT be afforded courtesy unless they have pre-booked and have a letter of introduction from their home club. 
Will not be able to use these reciprocal arrangements if attending as part of a Society. 
Will be honorary members of BGC for the day and will be welcome to use our facilities and expected to obey all Club rules. 
Dress rules of BGC will be strictly adhered to.