Ladies Competitions & Winners 

'Treasured' Tyler Triumph For Sue - Nov 2019 
A Ladies Stableford took place on 29th October, on a cold, misty, murky morning, but conditions didn't put our ladies off and twenty two of them took part in the competition. The top three scores were as follows: 
1st - Margaret Seabrook, 32 points 
2nd - Anne Harris, 30 points 
3rd - Helen Nellis, 29 points 
Well done Ladies. 
Still smiling, despite the weather! 
Tyler Cup 5th November 2019 
The annual match between 'The Handicap Secretary', Barbara Talboys and 'The Treasurer', Sue Marsh was played last week in the sort of weather we've unfortunately had to get used to in the last few weeks. Despite the rain, the course was in a excellent condition considering the soggy conditions and thirty one ladies took part in this foursomes teams event. 
Some very welcome, piping hot soup and a roll was ready for all in the bar whilst they awaited the results, which the Treasurer’s team won with 5.5 to 2.5. 
Sue and her winners with the cup 
Congratulations to Sue and her team. 
Late October Round Up 
As our season fades into the late Autumn, it's time for some light hearted fun competitions to try to brighten our spirits as the days shorten and the temperatures drop. First up was the ever popular 3 Clubs & a Putter, with double points up for grabs on the Par 3 holes. Hilary secured a win with a magnificent 41 points, putting most of the field to shame. 
Second up was a straight forward Stableford competition, seems ages since we had one of those. On this occasion, Margaret Seabrook took the win with 32 points in a relatively low scoring contest. Clearly the heavy rain, soggy conditions and lack of ball roll taking its toll on most of the field; but not Margaret showing her low handicap expertise. 
Pictured opposite in this weeks gallery are our 2 winners, Hilary and Margaret.  
Congratulations to them both! 
Senior Ladies Rose Bowl - 18 October 2019 
It was the culmination of the Senior Ladies season, playing for the lovely Rose Bowl Trophy. 16 ladies gathered, for once in dry conditions and managed to get their rounds played before the afternoon deluge arrived. Charlotte excelled with a good score to take the trophy and earn herself a handicap cut towards the end of the season. Well done to her and all who played.  
1st - Charlotte Walsh, 33 points 
2nd - Susan Regan, 30 points 
3rd - Nikki Reynolds, 28 points  
The Grannies Cup - or was it the 'Not The Grannies' Cup! 5 & 8 October 
This competition produced some excellent scores over the two days and saw a new competition winner for the ladies section, but as she's not a Granny, she can't have the trophy. The second place lady also isn't a Granny so it had to drop to the 3rd placed lady to take the silverware this week. 
Significant handicap cuts for our first and second placed ladies, so big congratulations to them. 
1st - Joanne Matthews, 38 pts 
2nd - Sue Glover, 35 pts 
3rd & trophy winner - Dot Moroney, 30 points 
Winning Scorer 
Trophy Winner 
The Charity Cup - 17 September 2019 
Autumn might be starting to show its colours, but summer was still clinging on with beautifully mild and sunny days for this weeks competition, played alongside the England Golf Medal. All entry fees for this trophy are donated to the Lady Captains Charity, The Bedford Sea Cadets  
The scores were good reflecting the extraordinarily dry and calm conditions with a number of ladies earning themselves good cuts as we move towards the twilight of our qualifying season.  
Overall Results & Trophy Winner 
1st - Judi Monico, Nett 70 
2nd - Sue Glover, Nett 72 
3rd - Sam Turnbull, Nett 73 (cb) 
Saturday Medal Winner 
Elna Ball, Nett 72 
Winning Lady - Judi 
Daily Mail Foursomes - September 2019 
This national competition is considered to be one of the greatest amateur golfing events with one pair of men and one pair of ladies going through to qualify for the finals. We held our ladies qualifying round in early September and whilst played in the notoriously difficult format of Foursomes Medal, some good scores came in with Sue and Sam qualifying to go through to represent Bedfordshire GC Ladies. Good luck to them! 
1st - Sam Turnbull & Sue Cribb, Nett 74.5 
2nd - Mandy Mayes & Helen Westwell, Nett 75 
3rd - Tony Miller & Frances Godfrey, Nett 78 (cb)  
The Saturday Trophy - 31 August 2019 
As summer starts to move towards the Autumn season, it means one thing - time to play the Saturday Trophy. This year we introduced a lunchtime start with an afternoon tea trophy presentation to follow which attracted the largest field for this competition for many years. 
It was a lovely golfing day, if a little windy with 8 groups setting forth filling the course with ladies on this late summer Saturday. There were some outstanding performances resulting in 8 handicap cuts most notably for Sue Cribb, Susan Regan and Rosemary Harris. 
Sheila Fairey can be seen presenting the trophy for the second year running to Sue Cribb who earned herself a 2 shot cut. 
1st - Sue Cribb, 39 points 
2nd - Susan Regan, 37 points (cb) 
3rd - Rosemary Harris, 37 points 
The Hospital Cup - 20 August 2019 
The Hospital Cup is a keenly contested friendly competition between ourselves and the ladies from Bedford & County GC. 
This charity event is held annually to raise funds for Bedford Hospital and this year was hosted by our friends down the road in Clapham. 
The course played very well for the home side with some good performances resulting in this year Bedford & County taking the trophy back from us with a score of 382 holes to 318. 
A fundraising tea of cakes & a raffle raised just under £200. 
Members Meeting Day, 23 July 2019 
The Members Day is to celebrate all ladies in our section with 2 enjoyable rounds of golf, followed by a prize giving dinner in the evening. We play an 18 hole medal in the morning for the Shelagh Hughes trophy, then in the afternoon a fun greensomes is played. We like to ensure that all ladies in our section can find an event and time to play that suits them.  
The weather was exceptionally warm, being the start of the spell of record breaking temperatures. Accordingly the afternoon session was reduced to 9 holes only. A wide cross section of ladies were amongst the prize winners, all of whom received their prizes at the evening's dinner in the Clubhouse. Congratulations to all of our winners, but especially to Toni who earned herself a handicap cut. 
Shelagh Hughes Trophy 
1st - Toni MIller, Nett 71  
2nd - Sue Bailey, Nett 73  
3rd - Helen Nellis, Nett 74  
Greensomes (9 hole) 
1st - Judi Monico & Brenda Beard, 16 pts (cb) 
2nd- Maureen Dawson & Paddy Richardson, 16 pts 
3rd - Helen Nellis & Charlotte Walsh, 15 pts (cb) 
Nearest the pin on the 6th, Chin Fern Griffiths 
Straightest Drive on the 12th, Helen Westwell 
Putting, Anne Foulkes - 29 putts 
Our Trophy Winner 
2nd Place 
Ford Trophy - !6 & 20 July 2019 
Another new winner this week as the competition was played the opposite way round, with the Tuesday ladies having first shot at the prize. A larger field of 35 ladies was playing for a £100 voucher donated by Miss Designer Golf to spend.  
What a result we had with one lady blasting the rest of the field into oblivion to earn herself a 3 shot cut, a lovely trophy and the Miss DG prize. This was the highest ladies score this season and will take some beating. 
1st - Helen Westwell, 41 points (wow) 
2nd - Sue Cribb, 34 points 
3rd - Charlotte Walsh, 33 points 
The Beale Bowl - 2 July 2019 
Gorgeous summer weather welcomed the ladies on the 2 days this lovely trophy was played. The course was resplendent bringing out some fine scores and performances.  
One lady excelled the field with a magnificent 38 points, earning herself a handicap cut of 2 shots ensuring another new name on a trophy and continuing the 2019 trend of sharing out our silverware. 
1st - Janet Broomhall, 38 points 
2nd - Sue Marsh, 34 points 
3rd - Heather Houchin, 32 points  
Sally Leaves Them 'Scratching' Their Heads in Amazement - 2nd July 
The Jubilee Bowl was first presented in 1955 and is a non-qualifying “Flag” medal competition. The somewhat unusual format is to add your full handicap (max 35) to the SSS of the course (e.g. 17 +73 = 90), and play down from this figure until all strokes are used up (the tip of the day was to keep a running total). Once you've used up all your shots, you pop the flag in where you finish – unless of course another player has already put it in ahead of you! 
For most of us, playing a medal round under your handicap is challenging enough already, so imaging having to do it in no more than the course SSS (for ladies 73). Well that's what Sally Shayler needed to do to win this competition and a jubilant Sally used her last available shot to putt her ball into the hole on the 18th, playing a round exactly to her 'Scratch' (0) handicap that most of us would consider a dream. She was followed very closely by Sue Cribb who was left with just an 80cm putt remaining – yes a tape measure was used. Well played ladies! 
Winner, Sally Shayler 
Four Competitions in One! - 25th June 2019 
The Rose Bowl and Quaich Trophies were contested by 26 ladies alongside an England Golf Medal and the Joan Baxter Trophy. The Joan Baxter Trophy is played for by the Medal winners and runners up from the previous 12 months, England Golf medals are played throughout the year. These competitions were played on a rainy Tuesday morning on 25th June and some in slightly fairer weather on Tuesday afternoon with a few lucky people having played in sunny June conditions on Saturday 22nd June. With all these trophies on offer this week, there was plenty to play for and one of our Ladies made the most of it with a double success! 
The Rose Bowl for Silver Division players was won by Judi Monico and the Quaich for Bronze Division players was won by Jane Anderson who was the overall winner for the day. Also, being eligible (1st or 2nd in medals over the previous 12 months) for the Joan Baxter Trophy, adds two trophies to her cabinet. Well played Jane! 
The results: 
Joan Baxter Trophy 
1st Jane Anderson (net 71) 
2nd Helen Nellis (net 73) 
1st Jane Anderson (net 71) 
2nd Hilary Denny (net 71) 
3rd Helen Nellis (net 73) 
Jane Anderson, 
Joan Baxter Trophy 
& Quaich Winner 
Rose Bowl 
1st Judi Monico (net 75) 
2nd Sally Shayler (net 77) 
3rd Dot Moroney (net 78) 
Judi & Sally, 
Rose Bowl, Winner & Runner-up 
'Midsummer Dream' for Helen & Sam - 18th June 
24 players turned up for the Ladies Midsummer Trophy 4BBB on a not so summery day. It was however a very enjoyable day’s golf in spite of the deluge from above, which most avoided except for the unfortunate last group who were still on the 18th. 
The trophy holders (Brenda and Judi) put up a magnificent defence of their trophy, but in the end it became a 'Midsummer Dream' for Helen Nellis and Sam Turnbull with a magnificent 40 points. Congratulations to them. The top scores were as follows: 
1st - Helen Nellis & Sam Turnbull 40 points 
2nd - Judi Monico & Brenda Beard 37 points 
3rd - Hilary Denny & Sue Bailey 36 points 
The course looked as stunning as ever and the ladies wish to pass on their appreciation to the awesome greenkeepers for getting the course in such great condition. 
Happy winners, Helen & Sam 
Peugeot Coronation Foursomes (Stableford) - June 2019 
The Coronation Foursomes is a national competition in which the best 100 scores from our area go forward to the area final. However, due to the ghastly wet conditions and heavy rain on the allotted date for this event, the decision was made to postpone the ladies Coronation Foursomes from Tuesday 11th June to Saturday 15th.  
The competitors on the Saturday, for what was a very select little golfing event, were Sue Cribb, Lyn Allen, Brenda Beard and Barbara Talboys. Both pairs fought hard in the most challenging of formats, but points were hard to come by and after 18 holes: 
Barbara & Brenda scored 21 points 
whilst Lyn Allen & Sue Cribb managed 23 points 
Whether this will will be enough to go forward, we shall have to wait and see, but good luck ladies. 
Lynn Allen, Joint Winner 
Join Winner, Sue Cribb! 
Ladies Championship Day – 4 June 2019 
The Ladies Championship Day dawned bright and sunny but did the weather remain kind later in the day? The course was in superb condition and we thank Andy Brown, our Club Captain for starting the days proceedings at 8:45am. 
Some of those taking part are pictured with Andy below before teeing off. 
Tony, Dot Sam & Barbara 
Helen, Sue & Hilary 
A number of competitions are played for on our Championship Day. The main event is the 36 Hole Medal Competition, where the best combined gross score over 2 rounds determines the Ladies Club Champion for the year. 
In addition the ladies who elect to play 36 holes, also compete for the Savill Salver best Nett result in both Silver and Bronze Divisions. 
Ladies also compete for the Millennium Trophy which is awarded to the lady with the best Nett score over 18 holes. This ensures all ladies have an opportunity to compete on our Championship Day whether over 36 or 18 holes. 
The Trophy Table 
The afternoon round players were met with rather inclement weather at times but undeterred, everyone played on with drinks waiting in the Club House courtesy of Andy on their return. A lovely meal was enjoyed in the sunny dining room. Thanks go to Sue Marsh for her beautiful floral table decorations. 
Sally teeing off 
Sally put in an admirable couple of rounds to emerge as winner and retain her trophy. Thank you to Andy Brown & Jean Savill for presenting the trophies at the end of the evening meal. 
Winner & Runner-Up with The Captain 
The Results 
Ladies Championship 
1st Sally Shayler, 144 gross 
2nd Margaret Seabrook, 168 gross 
Savill Salver, Silver Division 
1st Barbara Talboys, 153 nett 
2nd Margaret Seabrook, 154 nett 
Savill Salver, Bronze Division 
1st Sue Cribb, 157 nett 
2nd Hilary Denny, 158 nett 
Millennium Trophy 
1st Sam Turnbull, 73 nett 
2nd Hilary Denny, 75 nett 
Ladies 2019 Championships - The Winners 
Ping National 4BBB National Competition - May 2019 
Each year, clubs nationwide host their own Ping 4BBB competition. The winning pair from each club has the possibility of progressing to the next round providing they achieve placement in the Top 100 scores nationwide.  
This year we had 14 pairs competing over the two competition days and new member Elna Ball found herself in the winning pair with Sue Marsh scoring 40 points. They now have a tense wait to hear if they have made the Top 100 cut nationally to represent our club in the next round. 
1st - Elna Ball & Sue Marsh, 40 pts 
2nd - Barbara Talboys &Lynn Allen, 38 pts 
3rd - Brenda Beard & Kate Broughton, 36 pts  
Joint Winner, Sue Marsh 
Macmillan Trophy 18th & 21st May 2019 
A larger field this week for the fund raising Macmillan Trophy where proceeds go to this very worthwhile charity. Saturday ladies drew the short straw with the wind and rain but Tuesday ladies had the most beautiful golfing day.  
The trend for a different winner each week continued again, with Jane taking this week's trophy. Our new lady member Elna was also on the podium this week earning herself a handicap cut too.  
1st - Jane Anderson, 33 pts 
2nd - Elna Ball, 32 pts (cb) 
3rd - Mandy Mayes 32 pts 
The Adams Trophy Day - 14 May 2019 
We know the season is well under way when we reach the Adams Competition Day. Three trophies are played for; the Adams Trophy & Adams Cup over 18 holes and the Adams Salver over 9 holes for the Senior Ladies. All ladies therefore have an opportunity to win a trophy within their handicap division.  
It was a lovely early summer day and the course looked resplendent in the sunshine for our games. The greens were fast, catching a few out but who came through to clinch their trophy in a close fought battle?  
Adams Trophy (Silver) 
1st - Margaret Seabrook, Nett 75 (cb) 
2nd - Toni MIller, Nett 75 
3rd - Sam Turnbull, Nett 78 
Adams Cup - (Bronze) 
1st - Helen Nellis, Nett 74 (cb) 
2nd - Hilary Denny, Nett 74  
3rd - Jane Anderson, Nett 76 
Adams Salver - (9 Hole Senior Ladies) 
1st - Edna Turner, Nett 36 
2nd - Maureen Dawson, Nett 38 (cb) 
3rd - Paddy Richardson, Nett 38  
Trophy Winner 
Cup Winner 
Salver Winner 
The Adams Dinner 
In the evening we met for a lovely sea bass dinner followed by the presentation of the prizes and a talk given by Ruth Bell, MBE, JP DL. The tables were beautifully decorated with a floral pink theme in tribute to Pat Adams and Beth Hawkins, her daughter who founded the Adams event. 
England Golf Medal & Senior 2000 Trophy - 7 May 2019 
A day of two halves again this week for our monthly medal which was combined with qualifying for those ladies eligible for the Senior 2000 competition. The morning ladies played in sunshine and the afternoon ladies had to deal with rain showers and a chilly wind. 
There were some good scores resulting in a handicap cut for our delighted winner, Linda. Another lady got her name on the trophy this week, continuing the 2019 trend of sharing out the silverware! 
Congratulations to Sue Cribb who qualified for the next stage of the Senior 2000 competition. 
1st - Linda Lewington, Nett 71 
2nd - Barbara Talboys, Nett 73  
3rd - Sue Cribb, Nett 75  
Our Delighted Winner, Linda. 
Ladies 9 Holes of Fun - 30 April 2019 
Greens renovations this week meant a break from the qualifiers and a fun Stableford competition was held on the Front 9. It was great to see so many people participating, especially those ladies we don't normally see on a Tuesday. Some very good scores on the new greens and a different group of winners again. 
1st - Janet Broomhall, 22 pts (cb) 
2nd - Mary Mills 22 pts 
3rd - Helen Nellis 20 pts (cb) 
Putting competition - 12 putts, Mary Mills 
Nearest the pin on the 6th - Rosemary Harris 
Bunnie Smith Trophy - 23 and 27 April 2019 
On St Georges Day, we played in glorious, warm sunshine for this lovely trophy; the alternate day ladies the following Saturday were not so fortunate given the wrath of Storm Hannah blowing through the course. 
Consequently the winning trio came from the Tuesday ladies with 3rd place being decided on countback. Our Ladies Secretary, Rosemary picked up her first trophy of the year and earned herself a handicap cut as well. Congratulations to her and the other winners. 
1st - Rosemary Harris 37 pts 
2nd - Helen Nellis 35 pts 
3rd - Frances Godfrey 32 pts, (cb) 
Easter Fun Competition - Saturday 20th April 2019 
As it was Easter weekend, it was time for a little fun after a few weeks of competitions with a couple of Easter Eggs thrown into the mix to play for. Who would use their Joker Card to double their points for a maximum advantage? 
A fine sunny day to remind us of summer, balls bouncing high and travelling far allowed for good scores all round - the top four places being split by 1 point. 
1st - Jane Anderson, 37 points (cb) 
2nd - Carol Farnworth, 37 points 
Early Morning Sunshine Tee  
Doff Gillett Trophy & England Golf Medal - 9 April 2019 
What is it about a Medal Competition that makes your ball want to disappear into the sand or clean itself in the various ponds around our lovely course? All good fun and whilst we didn't have the largest of fields compared to recent weeks due to a number of our ladies being away on holiday there was a reasonable turnout for this old trophy. 
The balls were travelling further than we expected so early in the season and scores were not significant enough to allow for any handicap changes. 
A different group of winners this week, good to see the trophies and prizes being shared out amongst the wider ladies section. Congratulations to our successful winner, Helen Nellis on her first trophy of the year. 
1st - Helen Nellis, Nett 76 
2nd - Lyn Allen, Nett 79 
3rd - Sheila Fairey, Nett 79 (cb) 
Stableford Competition - 30 March & 2 April 2019 
Very different days for our ladies this week with the Saturday player enjoying late Spring like conditions, whilst the Tuesday afternoon players were completely rained off. The morning players managed an hour before the deluge of rain and gale force winds rattled through the course.  
A few hardy players completed their round on Tuesday morning and brought in our Lady Captain as the overall winner with a magnificent 39 points to earn herself a timely handicap cut of 2 shots.  
Well done to our winners this week. 
1st - Hilary Denny, 39 points 
2nd - Roisin Scanlon, 34 points 
3rd - Fran Godfrey, 33 points  
The Hardy Players 
Nesta Ednie Trophy  
23 & 26 March 2019 
A field of over 30 ladies competed for this lovely & historical trophy which dates back to 1953. We were blessed with lovely calm, Spring like conditions over the 2 playing days allowing the ball to run freely and also the putts to drop.  
A few ladies had superb rounds with Sue Cribb producing an early season storming round to earn herself a well deserved handicap cut. 
1st - Sue Cribb, 37 points 
2nd - Barbara Talboys, 33 points 
3rd - Brenda Beard, 31 points 
Marie Curie 9th & 19th March 2019 
After a postponement of the previous Tuesday's competition due to very inclement weather conditions, the ladies were able to complete their first qualifier of the 2019 season. Scores were low, resulting in no handicap changes, as nobody managed to play to the CSS on either the very windy Saturday or the saturated course conditions of Tuesday. One of our junior members (and star in the making), Roisin won her first Club Ladies Trophy with a creditable 29 points - playing off a handicap of 8!  
Congratulations to Roisin, her first of no doubt many trophies to come (photo - Roisin on the famous Swilken Bridge at St Andrews, with more of the silverware she has won). 
1st - Roisin Scanlon, 29 points 
2nd - Sue Senior, 26 points (cb) 
3rd - Dot Moroney, 26 points  
Senior Ladies March Competition - 18 March 2019 
After what seems an eternity of gale force winds & heavy rain, a calm Tuesday presented itself with beautiful conditions for golf. 
Our senior ladies gathered for their monthly get together, and whilst the course was in very good playing condition, they did have to negotiate the odd puddle after a very wet and windy weekend. 
Charlotte was on good form to win the competition, with Janet Broomfield coming in second. 
We all look forward to many more bright and sunny spring days in the weeks to come. 
Our winner Charlotte 
and runner-up Janet 
St Andrews Foursomes - 5 March 2019 
The Successful Pair 
The winter woollies were back after the brief respite of early Spring weather a week ago. On a more typical March day with a glimpse of sun accompanied by a biting wind, we played this variation of the usual format by selecting who should play the second shot. 
Scores were pretty low given it was the first 18 hole competition for a few months, however Judi and Sue managed to hold everything together to run out the clear winners this week. Well done to them! 
1st - Judi Monico and Sue Cribb, 31 pts 
2nd - Hilary Denny and Rosemary Harris 27 pts 
3rd - Barbara Talboys and Lyn Allen 25 pts 
Hilary Continues her Winning Start to the Year 
26 February 2019 
Hilary is certainly building up her winnings in 2019 having been placed in all competitions, except one this year. The final non qualifying 13 hole competition of the winter was held on a balmy sunny day with summer clothing dusted off for an outing. 25 ladies took part with the top 3 ladies recording good scores to take the spoils. Congratulations to this weeks winners. 
Onwards to the 18 hole competitions which recommence next week, be ready for those handicap changes! 
1st - Hilary Denny - 25 points 
2nd - Janet Broomhall - 24 points 
3rd - Anne Foulkes - 22 points 
The Winning Ladies 
Roll the Dice Fun Texas Scramble - 19 February 2019 
The fun competitions continue in advance of the qualifying events which are only a few weeks away. This week, we found ourselves with a fine winter day which brought out 24 ladies in six teams who tried out this unusual form of scramble, which involves selecting the drive to take by the roll of a dice. It ultimately proved quite popular, with whole teams potentially cast into the boondocks or down into the sand if the auguries were against you, or in for a birdie, if you were lucky. 
Well done the winning team who just sneaked in ahead of second place. 
1st Margaret Seabrook, Sue Cribb, Noreen Tattam, Anne Foulkes, 49.1 nett (6.9) 
2nd Dot Moroney, Sue Glover, Hilary Denny, Heather Houchin, 49.8 nett (9.2) 
Hilary Starts Her Year as She Means To Go On! 5th February 2019 
In the Ladies Greensome 13 Hole Competition yesterday, Ladies Captain Hilary and her partner Charlotte seemed determined to set the pace at the start of Hilary's big year. 
Although there was a relatively small field, there were plenty of other competition winners out there so all to fight for. In the end though, victory came down to just one point on the 18th hole. The top three were as follows: 
in 3rd with 20 points on Countback were Toni Miller & Barbara Talboys 
runner's up with 20 were Sheila Fairey & Heather Houchin 
but the winners on 21 points were Captain Hilary and her partner Charlotte Walsh 
Well done to them - this clearly bodes well for Hilary's year. 
Winner - Ladies Captain, Hilary Denny 
Winner - Charlotte Walsh 
13 Hole Stableford Updates 22 & 29 January 2019 
Competitions have proved successful for a different group of ladies over these past 2 weeks. Winning scores have remained consistently in the low 20's with runners up often being determined on countback. If you can score 23 points, you could be in with a good chance of winning.  
On the 22nd, Barbara Talboys won with the best score of the year so far - 24 points 
She was followed by 5 ladies with 20 points, Charlotte Walsh took 2nd and Hilary Denny 3rd all on countback. 
On the 29th, Margaret Seabrook claimed the top prize with 22 points, Anne Godden came 2nd with 21 and Noreen Tattam was 3rd on countback with 20 points.  
Senior Ladies 9 Hole - 21 January 2019 
The 2019 Salver competition set off on a chilly January morning with a brave cohort of 8 ladies, including Maureen who was welcomed back after a long break. The pond on the 15th was covered in ice, which did not stop one determined lady from trying to rescue her ball, only for it to find a hole to slip through! Thankfully nobody went in after it. 
Well done to Sue Marsh for your winning score and being the current top of the leaderboard. 
1st Sue Marsh - 16 points 
2nd Hilary Denny - 13 points 
3rd Sue Hancock - 11 points  
Social time after  
the game 
This Week's Winner 
Ladies 13 Hole Stableford - 15 January 2019 
A day of mixed fortunes both weatherwise and for our players' scores. The morning ladies had a dry and mild game, whereas the ladies teeing off at lunchtime found themselves dealing with spray rain for their first few holes. 
In the end it brightened up, some went on to play the full 18 whilst others retired for coffee and a chat. The winners all came from the afternoon session this week, with Dot emerging victorious after quite a long wait.  
1st - Dot Moroney, 23 points 
2nd - Anne Foulkes, 22 points (cb) 
3rd - Carol Farnworth, 22 points  
Ladies First Competition of 2019 
8 January 2019 
Our first ladies competition dawned fabulously sunny with clear blue skies, you could be forgiven for thinking Spring is trying to peep around the corner in early January. 
With the course dry, less muddy and the greens playing well 21 of us played the Stableford 13 hole competition with some continuing to 18 as it was such a mild day. Scores were close at the top of the leaderboard and the first spoils of the year went to Jane who pipped Hilary and Carol by a single point. 
1st - Jane Anderson, 23 points 
2nd - Hilary Denny, 22 points (cb) 
3rd - Carol Farnworth, 22 points 
Ladies Year End Christmas Competition & Dinner - 11 & 14 December 2018 
Is it really nearly 2019? The ladies had a great day of golf with much laughter, wrapped up against the cold on one of those fabulous and bright sunny winter days. The course looked splendid shrouded in early morning mist, before clearing for a sunny afternoon when all the Christmas jumpers on display sparkled in the sunshine.  
On Friday, we met for our annual festive Christmas Dinner. The tables were beautifully presented with decorated top hats as the centrepiece which were auctioned off at the end of the evening for the two Captains' charities.  
Festive prizes were awarded to the top 5 from Tuesday's 13 hole competition, congratulations to our winners. 
1st - Sue Hancock, 25 points 
2nd - Sue Cribb, 24 points 
3rd - Hilary Denny, 23 points 
4th - Jane Anderson, 22 points (cb) 
5th - Anne Foulkes, 22 points (cb) 
The Winners 
Pics from the Golfing Day 
Kimbolton Cup - 4 December 2018 
This historical trophy match between the Lady Captain's and the Secretary's teams is played in Foursomes format over 13 holes.  
It was the most beautiful sunny morning for us to play and setting off with the sun on our backs was a real treat. The individual matches were played in a jovial atmosphere with some close results. 
Yet again Sheila's team clinched victory 4 matches to 3 and we all retired for a soup lunch in the clubhouse.  
Trophy Return Waltz & Lunch - 27 November 2018 
Dot, Jane & Chin Fern Waltz to Victory 
It was grey, damp, a bit mizzly but not too cold as 28 of us set off for a fun waltz around a shortened 13 hole course due to inclement weather expected early in the afternoon. What a good decision that was given the torrential rain that arrived just as the final group got back to the Clubhouse. 
Scores were good with the one 4 ball of Brenda, Mary, Paddy & Louise obviously scoring highest with 54 points. However as the competition is for teams of three the top 3 scores were much closer with Dot, Jane & Chin Fern taking the prize. Post game, we gathered for a soup lunch, kindly donated by Tim Bailey our Senior Men's Captain - Thank you! 
1st - Dot Moroney, Jane Anderson & Chin Fern - 49 points 
2nd - Maggie Olney, Heather Houchin & Hilary Denny - 47 points 
3rd - Francis Godfrey, Noreen Tattum & Sheila McKenzie - 46 points 
A Qualified Success for Hilary - Nov 13th 
The final Ladies qualifying round of the season was played on a beautiful sunny November morning with balmy, breezy autumn conditions. 
With another good turn-out, competition was bound to be fierce, but the scores reflected the changing nature of the course and good scores were hard to come by. In the end, our own Ladies Vice-Captain won the money with 31 points, closely followed by Helen Nellis and Linda Lewington. 
The Tyley Cup - 30 October 2018 
You can tell the season is drawing to a conclusion when it is time for the much loved Tyley Cup match between the Treasurer & Handicap Secretary. It was a very cold Tuesday morning making those long hot days of summer seem a very distant memory but with the promise of Debbie's lovely home made soup for lunch, 6 four-balls set off into the gloom of a Bedfordshire Autumn day.  
What a close group of Foursomes we all enjoyed, with it going down to the wire of the final group before we could all warm up with a delicious lunch of tomato and basil soup before the result was announced. 
The Handicap Secretary's Team won by 4 matches to 2 and Treasurer, Sam presented the trophy to Handicap Secretary, Jane. The winning team can be seen celebrating their win below. 
Sam and Jane say a big Thank You to all who turned up to play and to make this a lovely , friendly day again.  
Doff Gillett & England Golf Medal - 13 & 16 October 2018 
Charlotte earns another cut! 
Summer conditions seem to have disappeared very quickly given the rain we have seen since Saturday resulting in slower running balls and less distance covered. For the first time in months we had a ' reduction only' competition on both days. 
Saturday was rained off part way through and today the scores where high with the exception of our winner who recorded a 2 shot under CSS score earning herself a handicap cut for the second week on the trot. 
1st - Charlotte Walsh, Nett 73 
2nd - Jane Anderson, Nett 76 (cb) 
3rd - Margaret Seabrook, Nett 76 
Ladies Presidents Putter - 9 October 2018 
What a fabulous Autumn day for the Ladies Presidents Putter with a field of 36 ladies taking part. The warmth of the sun on our backs, a dry course and the prospect of a lovely afternoon tea made for a splendid afternoon. 
Roger Willis and his wife, Jane joined us for afternoon tea in the clubhouse post competition and presented some lovely floral planters to the winners. 
Scores were very high indeed for our winner who earned a significant handicap cut, and a number of other ladies also saw cuts too. A fine day for many as our competition season draws to a close. Many thanks to Roger for the lovely floral prizes. 
1st - Jane Anderson, 39 points 
2nd - Charlotte Walsh, 34 points 
3rd - Linda Lewington, 33 points 
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