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Men's Competition Winners 

Salvers Success For Stone & Fensome - March 2020 
With conditions having become a little more spring-like over the last week or so, it was good to see our first 100+ Member turnout of the year in the Leslie Day Salvers on Sunday. As the course continues to slowly dry out, the Greens' Team had been able to cut nearly all of the fairways, so the course had improved definition and even a little run in places! 
With the tees having been moved forward slightly and playing a pairs Stableford format, scoring was a little easier than in last week's medal. Even so, those finishing in the 40's were still few and far between. 
The top three finished as follows: 
in 3rd on 40 points (c/b) were father and son, Les & Simon Sharman 
in 2nd with 41 points were Robert Donnelly & Phil Remblance 
but the winners with 42 points were Andy Fensome & Trevor Stone 
Well done to all the above. 
Previous Men's Competition Reports Are Featured Below 
Barry Beats Brutal Blast To Win March Morgan Medal - March 2020 
It was great to see nearly 100 Members turn out for the first Men's Medal of 2020 on Sunday and also, with Code Blue making a return, that the players were able to use trolleys to ease their load. 
The customary March 1st move of the tees back to the plates for the Medal on Sunday, may have been a little precipitous, considering the amount of moisture still on the course, never mind the fact that the Greenkeepers haven't yet been able to cut some fairways. Either way, the general consensus was that conditions were brutal and it was perhaps, unsurprising to see 25% of the field failing to complete a score for their round! 
As so often happens however, a few players were somehow able to ignore conditions (which did ease a little through the morning), to produce scores which most would be delighted with in mid-summer. On this occasion, all these were in Division 1, as nine of the top ten best Net scores came from here. Our top three were as follows: 
in 3rd (on countback) with Net 69 was the ever reliable John Donnelly 
in 2nd (on countback) with Net 69 was Jason Young 
but our overall winner with an amazing Net 67 was Barry Runcie 
Well done to all, if they can do this in early March, everyone else had better watch out when the weather improves! 
March Medal Winner, Barry Runcie 
Brian & Joe 'Masters of the Elements' - February 2020 
With winds of up to 40 mph and, at times, horizontal rain, those taking part in Sunday's 4BBB Competition had to battle not just the course but the elements too!  
With the forecast giving a pretty good indication of what they were in for, it was great credit to all that 80 Members still got round the 15 hole event (the 12th was still waterlogged from recent downpours, so 11-13 were not played). 
Understandably, many scores were not quite what would have been hoped for by the pairings concerned, but with 30 points being a par score, others seemed to ignore all around them and secure points like it was a sunny mid-July day with a light breeze! 
The top three pairs finished as follows: 
in 3rd (on c/b) with 33 points, John Haines and Richard Harris 
in 2nd with 35 points, John Donnelly & Mark Hallum 
but our overall winners with a six-under-par 36 points were President, Joe Nellis and the forever youthful Brian Allen. 
Well done to all the above - and surely spring is just around the corner... 
4BBB Victors, Brian Allen & Joe Nellis with Captain Nick 
'Ciara' Causes Chaos & 'Dennis' Downpours Calls Off Competition - February 2020 
The last two weekends have proven somewhat of a challenge for most around the country, and perhaps we should be thankful that it's just prevented us from playing in a couple of competitions. The 60mph gales and huge volume of rain which accompanied them created some interesting new water features, as can be seen from the photo here! They also came at an unfortunate time, as the course was drying out nicely and trolleys were back in use. 
We're now nearly back at square one, although at least the strong winds are doing their best to dry the surfaces out fairly quickly, so that the courses are at least playable. This of course is all rather frustrating for the Greens' Team, who having managed to complete some remedial Verti-Draining work and cut most of the fairways during the first half of February, are now held up again while the course dries out enough to get the heavy machinery out again.  
They have though been able to work on Bunkers Renovation, albeit that any heavy rain limits the benefit we all see as it washes the sand away from the edges.  
Apart from these tasks, the Tree Surgeons have been cutting out deadwood ready for new spring growth, thus avoiding any health & safety issues as new growth increases the weight of any unsafe branches. 
A stream and a new pond - where they shouldn't really be! 
Finally for now, installation has started on our new Irrigation Control System, so that it is all complete before being required in the spring. 
All in all, there's lots going on to get the courses ready for the main golfing season - but less rain right now would really make things much easier for all concerned! 
Greensome Glory for Jonathan & Tim - February 2020 
In Sunday's Men's Greensome, with the course starting to dry out, there was a little more run on the fairways, but with the Greens' Team still unable to use the big mowers for fear of damaging the course, the grass was still longer than ideal. Although this didn't phase a few of the big hitters and others who just dovetailed brilliantly on the day, many found the going somewhat of a challenge with final scores in the 20's. These included the illustrious pairing of our Club Captain & Vice-Captain (their day will come)!  
Others found the whole experience far more to their liking and the top three all finished in the 40's as follows: 
in 3rd with 42 points (c/b), Phil Remblance & Terry Donnelly 
runner's-up with 42 points (c/b), Andrew Lay & Tim Moxon 
but the overall winners with 43 points were Jonathan Challis and Tim Atkins. 
Winner Jonathan has only recently joined the Club and is making a bit of a name for himself, as only two weeks ago, he came second and now he shares top spot! Clearly, the sky's the limit... 
The winners gave the Club Captain one enjoyable moment on the day - as part of their victor's photo! 
Greensome Winners, Jonathan & Tim with Club Captain, Nick Turnbull 
16 Hole Stableford Stunner From Pat - January 2020 
In what seemed like the first weekend of good weather for as long as most of us can remember, 80 Members took part in the Men's Stableford on Sunday. Although the sun shone throughout, the course was still extremely wet from the previous week's rain and the competition was restricted to 16 holes of play with 11 and 12 out of action. 
With 32 points the new target to shoot for, many still found things very hard going and quite a few didn't make it past the low 20's, never mind 30's! 
As ever, some just had their day, going past this figure - and some... 
in 3rd with 33 points was Dave Hurley 
runner-up with 34 was Jonathan Challis 
but our overall winner with a very impressive 35 points was Pat Moriarty 
Well done to all those above for such impressive performances 
Stableford Winner, Pat Moriarty 
Early Twenty Twenty Take-Off For Trevor - January 2020 
In the first men's competition of 2020, over 80 took part in a Singles Stableford on Sunday. 
Whilst the course had dried out somewhat from the previous week and was very playable, the winter conditions meant that many of the holes felt very long and this made points hard to come by for the vast majority. 
As ever, some brushed the challenging conditions aside and just played their 'A' game, with 10% of the field scoring to their handicap or better. The best of these were as follows: 
in 4th with 37 points (c/b) was Derwayne Stupple 
in 3rd, also with 37 (c/b) was Steve Gilder 
runner-up with an impressive 39 points was Brian Allen - someone who just seems to score well at any time of year! 
but our winner with an outstanding 40 points was Trevor Munnoch 
Well done to all the above for getting their golf off to a great start in the new new decade. 
Stableford Winner, Trevor Munnoch 
'Happy Enders' Be Stuart & Tristan - December 2019 
The Men's 4BBB Whisky Shotgun drew a good field of over 90 players and at last, after what seems like weeks of rain, we were able to report that conditions were dry and bright with little wind. In addition, the white tees had been moved forward to their winter positions, so we were expecting some good scores, especially with some of our our best golfers entering. 
All bar a four pairs got through the 30 point barrier, although one of those who didn't had the excuse of making more than full use of the Club's refreshment facilities the day (and evening) before, following the BYGEMYST Christmas lunch! Sore heads were definitely to the fore... 
With much clearer heads, those at the other end of the leaderboard put in some impressive performances and top three finished as follows: 
in 3rd (c/b) with 42 points were Jonathan Challis & Billy Wheeler 
runners-up with 43 points were Steve Cuddeford & Tim Moxon 
but the overall winners with 44 points were Stuart & Tristan Endersby 
They are pictured here with their prizes - no surprise what they were! 
Winners Stuart & Tristan Endersby with Captain Andy 
Stunning Sixty-Four For Shaun - November 2019 
In the last of the Men's 2019 Competitions before the tees were moved forward to their winter positions, the Men's November Medal saw 85 Members take part. As might have been expected off the back tees at this time of year, the course was playing very long for all but the big hitters. 
Many fell by the wayside early on as their handicap was used up more quickly than they would have liked. Others toughed it out and finished a more respectable handful of shots away from their target, but for the select few, they excelled in this late autumn challenge. 
In Division 1, the top three finished as follows: 
1st on Net 65, Mark Johnson 
2nd on Net 67 (c/b) and lowest Gross (also 67) Seb Lovell 
3rd on Net 67 (c/b) was Les Sharman 
In Division 2, the top three were as follows: 
1st and Overall Winner on Net 64, Shaun Appleby 
2nd on Net 65, Mick Keens 
3rd on net 68, Lee Passmoor 
Well done to all the above for such impressive performances 
November Medal Winner, Shaun Appleby. 
Birdie-fest For Olly & Tom in Men's Greensome - November 2019 
42 pairs started in the Men's Greensome Stableford on Sunday and with the course hardly having had a chance to dry out from all last week's rain, it was playing long. Not great unless your both reasonably big hitters then? 
So it played out for top placings as some of our longest drivers made it into the placings. There were some excellent performances, but the winning pair stunned everyone with 5 gross birdies late in their round, to leave the rest in their wake. 
So, on to the top three pairings: 
in 3rd with 39 points (c/b) were Mike & Seb Lovell 
runners-up also on 39 (c/b) were Captain Andy Brown & Conor Kavanagh 
but the overall winners with a brilliant 41 points were Olly Monks & Tom Warboys 
On a slightly different note, Chris Clarke reckoned he walked 9,000 yards playing his round, mostly looking for or fetching son Gary’s ball, the joys of greensomes! 
Winners Olly Monks & Tom Warboys with Captain Andy 
Tour de Force For Tristan - November 2019 
A beautiful sunny, if chilly, Sunday was warmly welcomed by the 90 or so participants in the November Men's Stableford. The course was playing rather long after all the rain in the previous few days, but it looked spectacular as the Autumn colours were highlighted in the sunshine, making a perfect backdrop for the Sunday competition. 
Despite the sunshine, some seemed unable to focus on their golf in the way they would have wished, as only half the field managed to break the 30 point barrier! For others however they made the most of the excellent conditions, to put some good cards together. The very best of these were as follows: 
three players finished on 37 points, but when countback was taken into account, Gary Clarke secured 3rd place overall 
countback was also required for the top spot as two players scored 38 points. In the end Mark Jarmin came 2nd overall 
with an excellent back-nine however, our overall winner was Tristan Endersby. 
Well done to our top three and I'm sure we all hope that the weather this weekend will repeat itself, rather than the inclement conditions we've had to get used to in recent weeks! 
Stableford Winner, Tristan Endersby 
Another Fairy-tale Hands Anderson November Crown - Nov 2019 
A beautiful sunny Sunday provided the players in the Men's November Medal with great conditions for the monthly competition that always provides the true test of golf. 90 Members took part over the two divisions and some very good scores were recorded, especially by one or two individuals. 
In Division 1, no fewer than 9 players managed to finish under the Standard Scratch score of 72, which is impressive for this time of year. Of those the top three were as follows: 
1st place with Net 69 - Dom Whitehouse (he also manged the best Gross score) 
in 2nd with a Net 69 was Les Sharman 
and in 3rd with Net 70 was Bob O'Connor 
Division 2 saw some even more impressive results against handicap, with three individuals standing out: 
in 3rd (overall) with Net 68 was James McCarthy 
in 2nd (overall) with Net 67 was Garry Ayles 
but in 1st place (and overall November Medal winner) was the on-form Glen Anderson. 
Glen has been a winner in three of the last four Sunday competitions and since mid-September, has seen his handicap come down from a long-standing 20 to a new low of 14. This includes a two shot Exceptional Scoring Reduction for his recent exploits! 
Well done to Glen and to all those mentioned above. 
November Medal Winner - Glen Anderson 
Sharman, Sharman & Partners win Team Stableford - Oct 2019 
In Sunday's main Men's competition of the week, there were two teams who stood out from the rest, in what was after all, two competitions in one! 
Well over 100 players took part on seemingly the first sunny day for ages, and the main competition was a Team Stableford with best 2 of 4 to score. Some impressive results were delivered: 
in 3rd with 81 points (c/b) were Fish, Jafri, Pacifici & White 
runners up, also with 81 points (c/b) were Farman, Green, Medhurst & Sullivan 
but the winners with an amazing 88 points were father & son Les and Simon Sharman along with their partners, John Donnelly & Alex Goddard. 
Team Winners Les & Simon Sharman with John Donnelly & Captain Andy 
In the Yellow-ball Competition we saw some more recent winners coming out on top yet again. 
runners up were Brian Allen, John Cribb, Joe Nellis & Tony Peluso 
but the winners were Glen Anderson, David Jermyn, Adrian Sampson & Derwayne Stupple 
Yellow-ball Team Winners , Anderson, Jermyn, Sampson & Stupple 
Well done to all the teams above for their impressive performances and I'm sure we all hope for a few more dry, sunny Sundays over the coming months, especially with a course that is still playing so well after all that rain! 
Awesome Foursome in Texas Massacre - October 2019 
Well over 100 Members took part in the Men's Texas Scramble on Sunday and as ever, there were plenty of good scores. To be fair, this format always produces plenty of results under Net Par, but on this occasion every one of 28 groups managed to achieve this, an amazing feat! In fact, so good were the performances that 10 groups finished in the Net 50's. 
The very best results were reserved for teams well below this and: 
in 3rd with Net 57.6 were Hallum, Hurley, Malcolm and Tyler 
Runner's-up with an incredible Gross 59 and net 56.9 were Beard, Coppock, Haines & Harris 
but the winners, also with a Gross 59, but Net 53.7 were Anderson, Sampson, Stupple & Whitehouse. 
Unsurprisingly, the team of Coppock, Haines, Harris and Beard were somewhat shocked by the winning score as having scored Gross 59, they were not expecting to be beaten and the rest of the competitors were simply flabbergasted! The Captain was overheard suggesting that the winners may need a new set of Mexican hats.... 
Texas Scramble Winners with Captain Andy Brown 
They deserve huge credit for delivering such a fantastic team performance - well done to all four. 
Centenary Salvers, a Suitably Liquid Evening, followed by a Very Wet Morning - October '19 
An excellent evening's entertainment took place on Saturday with over 40 Members attending this traditional black-tie dinner. All those attending enjoyed a first class 4 course meal ending with a cheese board to grace any quality restaurant. The meal was followed by a draw for partners for the Centenary Salvers, a competition which celebrates BGC's 100th anniversary and was therefore first played for in 1991. 
Although there were a few sore heads in the morning, nearly everyone reconvened at the allotted time and proceeded to play 18 holes in almost non-stop rain, some of it very heavy! 
Unsurprisingly, some found it all rather hard (or should we say wet) going and they struggled to amass the sort of points total required to win, especially with unfamiliar partners selected only the previous evening! Others, for whom the rain didn't seem to matter, managed to adjust their game to cope and several pairings ended with very creditable totals. The best of these were as follows: 
in 3rd on countback with 37 points were John Owen & Martin Jones 
runner's up with 38 were Richard Harris & Raj Matu 
but the winners with 39 points were David Donnelly & Bob O'Connor 
Given the conditions, this was a very respectable score. 
Despite the conditions the course was in its usual fantastic condition so well done to John & his team. 
Hopefully we can continue with this long standing and traditional event, where a formal dinner precedes the competition, as all those who attended had a very enjoyable time. 
Winners Bob & David with Captain Andy 
Thanks go to all those who made the evening such a success, including Ruth & the bar staff, Debbie and her excellent catering team. We'd also like to give a special mention to Kevin Dunbar, for all his help with the Draw on Saturday night, as well as sitting at the computer on Sunday sorting through a selection of very soggy, and in some cases almost illegible, scorecards! 
Stupple Shuns Showers for Medal Success - October 2019 
Challenging weather conditions contributed to a rather depleted field in the Men's October Medal, although over 60 Members still battled it out for the honour of the winning the monthly medal. 
As might have been expected with the very breezy and wet conditions, many scores were in the Net 80's along with numerous Nil Returns.  
Some players managed to overcome the outside factors and were able to concentrate on their game, producing some good scores to finish. The best were as follows: 
Div 1 & overall winner with a Net 69 (c/b), Derwayne Stupple 
Div 1 & overall runner-Up with a Net 69 (c/b), Dom Whitehouse 
Div 1 3rd place with a Net 70, Karl Green 
Div 2 Winner with a Net 70, Martin Jones 
Div 2 runner-up with Net 72, Ken Mossford 
Div 2 3rd place with Net 72, Mick Keens 
Well done to all the above for such excellent performances in tough conditions 
October Medal Winner, Derwayne Stupple 
Bazza Back To His Best - Sept 2019 
Another Sunny Sunday, another big field for the main Men's competition of the week - this time, a Singles Stableford. 
With most of BGC's 'big guns' playing, including many recent winners, it was always going to take something special to win, especially after last week's phenomenal scores in the pairs event. 
Perhaps surprisingly, with such pleasant conditions, nearly a third of the field finished with less than 30 points. You also have to feel for poor Seb Lovell, when a Gross 72 only gets you 35th place, but then that's what a +1 handicap does for you! 
Many though, played better than their handicap and 36 points was only good enough for 10th place, or even lower. The top three however, finished as follows: 
in 3rd place with 38 points was John Haines 
runner-up with 39 points was Andy Tyler 
but the outright winner, by a country mile, was Barry Sullivan with an fantastic 42 points. Well done Bazza. 
September Medal Winner, Barry Sullivan 
Dramatic Finish In Dunbar Trophy - Sept 2019 
Well over 100 Members took part in the Dunbar Trophy Men's Betterball Pairs on Sunday. With a calm still sunny autumn day and the fairways running well, conditions were perfect for good scores. We weren't disappointed as, amazingly, half the pairs in the competition scored 39 points or more! 
Not only were the scores good, but we were treated to a Birdie-fest on the 15th where no fewer than nine of them were scored. In addition to this, two Eagles were secured on the 3rd - so a day of golfing achievements for many. 
Back to the final scores and the best of the best saw Kevin Dunbar himself just outside the placings in fifth on 44 with his partner Simon Hollands. The top three however were as follows: 
in 3rd on 44 (c/b) were Raj Matu and Phil Powell 
runner's up with 45 were Gary Clarke & Eddie Hayes 
but the overall winners with a fantastic 46 points were Mitch Young & Tony Peluso 
Congratulations to all above for such terrific performances. 
Dunbar Trophy Winners Mitch & Tony with Kevin Dunbar 
'Combined' Effort Champs Keith & Tony - Sept 2019 
In the Men's Combined Stableford on Sunday, 32 pairings fought it out to be crowned the Kings of Combined Golf, but with a twist. Usually of course, pairings are looking to dovetail well through all the holes, so that their Betterball score after 18 holes is the best. In this competition however, both players are required to play well throughout and their individual totals are then combined to produce their overall points score. 
So, with this being a tougher form of golf, the scores were unsurprisingly lower than the normal Betterball Pairs. For a few pairings however, both players managed to hold it together throughout their round to produce some very respectable scores. The top three were as follows: 
In 3rd place (c/b) with 64 points were John Owen & Glenn Surridge 
runner's-up with 65 points were Mark Hallum & Dave Hurley 
but way out in front with a brilliant 72 points were two players who are very familiar with each others golf game, Keith Burgess & Tony Williams - well done both. 
Joint Winner, Tony Williams 
Joint Winner, Keith Burgess 
Chairman Coppock Claims Cup - August 2019 
The Harris Trophy and 8th Morgan Medal Qualifier had an impressive field of nearly 100 Members, despite the sweltering conditions later in the morning as the players moved into the back-nine of their rounds. With little protection from the rising temperatures, many found it too hot to handle and numerous nil-returns were submitted. 
As ever through, many enjoyed the conditions and some excellent scores were submitted. The top of the leaderboard was all very tight, with no fewer that four players finishing on Net 68. However, those in Division 2 finished the better as the top three all came from there. Those finishing on Net 68 were: 
In 4th (Division 1 winner) was Derwayne Stupple 
in 3rd Alex Goddard 
in 2nd was Mick Field 
but our overall (and Division 2) winner was Club Chairman, Steve Coppock 
Well done to all above for such impressive performances in a Monthly Medal competition. 
Harris Trophy Winner, Steve Coppock 
Olly Shines In Sharman Cup - August 2019 
In the Sharman Cup on Sunday, well over 80 Members started in the Medal Format Competition, but the unusually wet and windy conditions for mid-August got the better of a significant part of the field. Amazingly, one third of the players submitted a 'nil-return', showing just how tough most found things. 
As ever, some just ignored all around them and showed how it could and should be done with nine players delivering really good performances to finish within two of their handicap. However, they say that cream rises to the top and at very top of the leaderboard, were three top golfers (playing off 5, 2 and 4 respectively) who are clearly in great form: 
in 3rd place on Net 71 (C/B) was new Member Andrew Ashall (welcome Andrew) 
in 2nd place on Net 71 (C/B) and lowest gross score was Colin Beard 
but our overall winner with net 70 was Olly Monks 
Well played to all three of them for playing some great golf out there in the elements. 
Sharman Cup Winner, Olly Monks 
with Les Sharman 
Geoff Gives As 'Good' As He Gets - August 2019 
Overall Winner, Geoff Gooding 
In the Veteran's Plate on Sunday, age was shown to be no barrier to success. The competition is open to those over the age of 55 (and at that age, they're mere youngsters obviously), with an extra shot given to players for every five years over the minimum age for entry. 
In a field of 70 players, there were, of course, many in their 50's, 60's and 70's. However, even on a rather blustery morning which made playing conditions challenging, the octogenarians were not to be outdone, and with 5 extra shots to play with for all those over the age of 80, one in particular made the most of it. But, before that, let's reveal the other podium places: 
in 4th place with a Net 70, was 'youngster' Bryan Jappy 
in 3rd place with a very respectable Net 69 was seventy-something Peter Wilson 
runner-up on count-back, with a Net 68 was (also seventy-something) Mick Field 
but the overall winner on count-back, also with a Net 68 was the amazing octogenarian that is Geoff Gooding. 
Congratulations to all the above for showing just how important experience is - after all, our top three have no fewer than 230 years experience between them!! 
Salver Success for Simon - July 2019 
On another lovely summer's day, nearly 100 members played in the Cartwright Salver and 6th Morgan Medal on Sunday. The course was, as ever, excellent with great definition around the greens and fairways. 
Surprisingly, on such a lovely day, around one-fifth of the field supplied a N/R card, but then Medals do that to golfers, don't they? 
As so often, the cream rises to the top and several players had excellent scores with the top three for each division as follows: 
Division 1 
1st (and overall winner on countback) on Net 67, Simon Hollands 
2nd with Net 68 (c/b) and Lowest Gross Score, Colin Beard 
3rd with Net 68 (c/b) James Armstrong 
Division 2 
1st (and 2nd overall on countback) with Net 67, Tony Peluso 
2nd (c/b) on Net 71, Mark Jarmin 
3rd (c/b) on Net 71, Steve Coppock 
Well done to all the above for their excellent performances 
Cartwright Salver Winner, Simon Hollands 
Club Championship & Biddenham Cup - July 2019 
The Men's Club Championship (gross scores) & Biddenham Cup (net scores) competitions took place over the weekend of the 1st/2nd of July with temperatures rising to a scorching 33 degrees on day 1. Despite a few late withdrawals due to the extreme conditions, 100 competitors took part and Raj Matu even managed to get under (net) par for his first round. Clearly, he likes it hot out there! Unfortunately for him day 2 was cooler, and so was his score, as he slipped down the leaderboard. 
Others then came to the fore and several very impressive performances on the Sunday saw the Biddenham Cup (net) moving from one player to another over the back-nine. Luke Gardner's Net 72 in both rounds was enough to see him take 3rd place, but low round of the weekend went to Dom Whitehouse who managed an amazing gross 70 and net 65 on Saturday to secure 2nd place overall after two rounds. Our Biddenham Cup winner though with a tremendous Net 70 on day 1 and Net 69 on day 2 was Dave Marshall. Our congratulations to him. 
Biddenham Cup Winner, Dave Marshall with Captain, Andy Brown 
In the Club Championship (gross scores) things were even tighter after the two rounds, with Biddenham Cup winner Dave tied with the holder, Seb Lovell. Not for the first time therefore, a play-off was required to determine the winner and five extra holes needed to be played before a winner finally emerged. 
Seb tees off in the play-off 
And Dave follows him onto the fairway 
There was some exceptional golf played by the pair and amazingly, just one shot was dropped between the two of them over their combined ten holes of golf. 
On the 18th, their 4th hole, Dave played to a good position but, uncharacteristically, Seb put his tee shot under the oak tree to the right of the fairway. However, he then drilled it low under the branches with an iron to the back of the green and made his par with two putts. 
Seb drills it low into 18 
After four holes it was still level as they teed off the 1st again. Dave played just right of the fairway, Seb’s opening shot went left and having carried the deep rough finished in front of the 18th tee. However an excellent recovery followed and with Dave’s approach coming up short, a two putt par was enough to see Seb home by one shot. 
Seb with the prized 
Club Championship Trophy 
So, another year, another Club Championship for Seb Lovell - well done again Seb. 
Deacon Dinner & Deacon/Judges Cups - June 2019 
A great night was had by those attending the annual Deacon Dinner - one of the most important events in the Men's calendar at Bedfordshire Golf Club. On a beautiful sunny Saturday evening, those attending the black-tie dinner gathered for pre-dinner drinks and the moment was captured for posterity with everyone on the balcony. 
Deacon Dinner 2019 - the entire party 
Following a delicious four-course meal and the traditional toasts to past winners, dignitaries and of course 'new-boys', the party were treated to an hilarious after-dinner speaker in the form of Aaron James. He had the room falling about with amusing comments and stories about many of those in attendance, in addition to material suited only to gentlemen of a certain age after a certain amount of drink! 
As is tradition in the Deacon, most of those attending the dinner will bet £1 with the majority of the others playing, to add a little spice to the event. Playing a decent round the next day therefore, becomes important from more than just a handicap perspective! 
On to the Sunday competition, with everyone competing for the Deacon Cup (best net score) and for the select few, the Judges Cup (best gross). 
The course was in fantastic condition, with perfectly sculptured first cuts on the fairways and manicured greens. The Greens Team have done an amazing job developing the course over the last few weeks. 
With a stiff breeze, conditions were tough though, and the Standard Scratch rose to 73. This meant that those finishing with a net 75 had no handicap change and made quite a few pounds into the bargain from the betting. The best performances on the day though, were: 
In the Judges Cup (best gross) - 
3rd with 80 was Richard Caunt 
2nd with 78 was John Donnelly 
but the winner with Gross 77 was John Haines 
Judges Cup winner John Haines with Andy 
On to the Deacon Cup itself, and unsurprisingly perhaps, those who performed well with Gross scores, also did well in the Net competition. The top three in the Deacon Cup were: 
3rd on Net 71 (c/b) was John Haines 
2nd on Net 71 (c/b) was John Donnelly 
but our 2019 winner with a brilliant Net 69 was Adrian Wareing. 
Deacon Cup winner Adrian Wareing with The Captain 
Our congratulations to both Adrian and John and well done to all the others who played to the very end, even if their scores weren't quite what they might have wished for. 
Our thanks go to the entire catering and bar staff teams for looking after us all so well. Thanks also to Captain Andy Brown for hosting the event and providing us all with a little history of the Deacon. 
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