Men's Competition Winners 

Tour de Force For Tristan - November 2019 
A beautiful sunny, if chilly, Sunday was warmly welcomed by the 90 or so participants in the November Men's Stableford. The course was playing rather long after all the rain in the previous few days, but it looked spectacular as the Autumn colours were highlighted in the sunshine, making a perfect backdrop for the Sunday competition. 
Despite the sunshine, some seemed unable to focus on their golf in the way they would have wished, as only half the field managed to break the 30 point barrier! For others however they made the most of the excellent conditions, to put some good cards together. The very best of these were as follows: 
three players finished on 37 points, but when countback was taken into account, Gary Clarke secured 3rd place overall 
countback was also required for the top spot as two players scored 38 points. In the end Mark Jarmin came 2nd overall 
with an excellent back-nine however, our overall winner was Tristan Endersby. 
Well done to our top three and I'm sure we all hope that the weather this weekend will repeat itself, rather than the inclement conditions we've had to get used to in recent weeks! 
Stableford Winner, Tristan Endersby 
Another Fairy-tale Hands Anderson November Crown - Nov 2019 
A beautiful sunny Sunday provided the players in the Men's November Medal with great conditions for the monthly competition that always provides the true test of golf. 90 Members took part over the two divisions and some very good scores were recorded, especially by one or two individuals. 
In Division 1, no fewer than 9 players managed to finish under the Standard Scratch score of 72, which is impressive for this time of year. Of those the top three were as follows: 
1st place with Net 69 - Dom Whitehouse (he also manged the best Gross score) 
in 2nd with a Net 69 was Les Sharman 
and in 3rd with Net 70 was Bob O'Connor 
Division 2 saw some even more impressive results against handicap, with three individuals standing out: 
in 3rd (overall) with Net 68 was James McCarthy 
in 2nd (overall) with Net 67 was Garry Ayles 
but in 1st place (and overall November Medal winner) was the on-form Glen Anderson. 
Glen has been a winner in three of the last four Sunday competitions and since mid-September, has seen his handicap come down from a long-standing 20 to a new low of 14. This includes a two shot Exceptional Scoring Reduction for his recent exploits! 
Well done to Glen and to all those mentioned above. 
November Medal Winner - Glen Anderson 
Sharman, Sharman & Partners win Team Stableford - Oct 2019 
In Sunday's main Men's competition of the week, there were two teams who stood out from the rest, in what was after all, two competitions in one! 
Well over 100 players took part on seemingly the first sunny day for ages, and the main competition was a Team Stableford with best 2 of 4 to score. Some impressive results were delivered: 
in 3rd with 81 points (c/b) were Fish, Jafri, Pacifici & White 
runners up, also with 81 points (c/b) were Farman, Green, Medhurst & Sullivan 
but the winners with an amazing 88 points were father & son Les and Simon Sharman along with their partners, John Donnelly & Alex Goddard. 
Team Winners Les & Simon Sharman with John Donnelly & Captain Andy 
In the Yellow-ball Competition we saw some more recent winners coming out on top yet again. 
runners up were Brian Allen, John Cribb, Joe Nellis & Tony Peluso 
but the winners were Glen Anderson, David Jermyn, Adrian Sampson & Derwayne Stupple 
Yellow-ball Team Winners , Anderson, Jermyn, Sampson & Stupple 
Well done to all the teams above for their impressive performances and I'm sure we all hope for a few more dry, sunny Sundays over the coming months, especially with a course that is still playing so well after all that rain! 
Awesome Foursome in Texas Massacre - October 2019 
Well over 100 Members took part in the Men's Texas Scramble on Sunday and as ever, there were plenty of good scores. To be fair, this format always produces plenty of results under Net Par, but on this occasion every one of 28 groups managed to achieve this, an amazing feat! In fact, so good were the performances that 10 groups finished in the Net 50's. 
The very best results were reserved for teams well below this and: 
in 3rd with Net 57.6 were Hallum, Hurley, Malcolm and Tyler 
Runner's-up with an incredible Gross 59 and net 56.9 were Beard, Coppock, Haines & Harris 
but the winners, also with a Gross 59, but Net 53.7 were Anderson, Sampson, Stupple & Whitehouse. 
Unsurprisingly, the team of Coppock, Haines, Harris and Beard were somewhat shocked by the winning score as having scored Gross 59, they were not expecting to be beaten and the rest of the competitors were simply flabbergasted! The Captain was overheard suggesting that the winners may need a new set of Mexican hats.... 
Texas Scramble Winners with Captain Andy Brown 
They deserve huge credit for delivering such a fantastic team performance - well done to all four. 
Centenary Salvers, a Suitably Liquid Evening, followed by a Very Wet Morning - October '19 
An excellent evening's entertainment took place on Saturday with over 40 Members attending this traditional black-tie dinner. All those attending enjoyed a first class 4 course meal ending with a cheese board to grace any quality restaurant. The meal was followed by a draw for partners for the Centenary Salvers, a competition which celebrates BGC's 100th anniversary and was therefore first played for in 1991. 
Although there were a few sore heads in the morning, nearly everyone reconvened at the allotted time and proceeded to play 18 holes in almost non-stop rain, some of it very heavy! 
Unsurprisingly, some found it all rather hard (or should we say wet) going and they struggled to amass the sort of points total required to win, especially with unfamiliar partners selected only the previous evening! Others, for whom the rain didn't seem to matter, managed to adjust their game to cope and several pairings ended with very creditable totals. The best of these were as follows: 
in 3rd on countback with 37 points were John Owen & Martin Jones 
runner's up with 38 were Richard Harris & Raj Matu 
but the winners with 39 points were David Donnelly & Bob O'Connor 
Given the conditions, this was a very respectable score. 
Despite the conditions the course was in its usual fantastic condition so well done to John & his team. 
Hopefully we can continue with this long standing and traditional event, where a formal dinner precedes the competition, as all those who attended had a very enjoyable time. 
Winners Bob & David with Captain Andy 
Thanks go to all those who made the evening such a success, including Ruth & the bar staff, Debbie and her excellent catering team. We'd also like to give a special mention to Kevin Dunbar, for all his help with the Draw on Saturday night, as well as sitting at the computer on Sunday sorting through a selection of very soggy, and in some cases almost illegible, scorecards! 
Stupple Shuns Showers for Medal Success - October 2019 
Challenging weather conditions contributed to a rather depleted field in the Men's October Medal, although over 60 Members still battled it out for the honour of the winning the monthly medal. 
As might have been expected with the very breezy and wet conditions, many scores were in the Net 80's along with numerous Nil Returns.  
Some players managed to overcome the outside factors and were able to concentrate on their game, producing some good scores to finish. The best were as follows: 
Div 1 & overall winner with a Net 69 (c/b), Derwayne Stupple 
Div 1 & overall runner-Up with a Net 69 (c/b), Dom Whitehouse 
Div 1 3rd place with a Net 70, Karl Green 
Div 2 Winner with a Net 70, Martin Jones 
Div 2 runner-up with Net 72, Ken Mossford 
Div 2 3rd place with Net 72, Mick Keens 
Well done to all the above for such excellent performances in tough conditions 
October Medal Winner, Derwayne Stupple 
Bazza Back To His Best - Sept 2019 
Another Sunny Sunday, another big field for the main Men's competition of the week - this time, a Singles Stableford. 
With most of BGC's 'big guns' playing, including many recent winners, it was always going to take something special to win, especially after last week's phenomenal scores in the pairs event. 
Perhaps surprisingly, with such pleasant conditions, nearly a third of the field finished with less than 30 points. You also have to feel for poor Seb Lovell, when a Gross 72 only gets you 35th place, but then that's what a +1 handicap does for you! 
Many though, played better than their handicap and 36 points was only good enough for 10th place, or even lower. The top three however, finished as follows: 
in 3rd place with 38 points was John Haines 
runner-up with 39 points was Andy Tyler 
but the outright winner, by a country mile, was Barry Sullivan with an fantastic 42 points. Well done Bazza. 
September Medal Winner, Barry Sullivan 
Dramatic Finish In Dunbar Trophy - Sept 2019 
Well over 100 Members took part in the Dunbar Trophy Men's Betterball Pairs on Sunday. With a calm still sunny autumn day and the fairways running well, conditions were perfect for good scores. We weren't disappointed as, amazingly, half the pairs in the competition scored 39 points or more! 
Not only were the scores good, but we were treated to a Birdie-fest on the 15th where no fewer than nine of them were scored. In addition to this, two Eagles were secured on the 3rd - so a day of golfing achievements for many. 
Back to the final scores and the best of the best saw Kevin Dunbar himself just outside the placings in fifth on 44 with his partner Simon Hollands. The top three however were as follows: 
in 3rd on 44 (c/b) were Raj Matu and Phil Powell 
runner's up with 45 were Gary Clarke & Eddie Hayes 
but the overall winners with a fantastic 46 points were Mitch Young & Tony Peluso 
Congratulations to all above for such terrific performances. 
Dunbar Trophy Winners Mitch & Tony with Kevin Dunbar 
'Combined' Effort Champs Keith & Tony - Sept 2019 
In the Men's Combined Stableford on Sunday, 32 pairings fought it out to be crowned the Kings of Combined Golf, but with a twist. Usually of course, pairings are looking to dovetail well through all the holes, so that their Betterball score after 18 holes is the best. In this competition however, both players are required to play well throughout and their individual totals are then combined to produce their overall points score. 
So, with this being a tougher form of golf, the scores were unsurprisingly lower than the normal Betterball Pairs. For a few pairings however, both players managed to hold it together throughout their round to produce some very respectable scores. The top three were as follows: 
In 3rd place (c/b) with 64 points were John Owen & Glenn Surridge 
runner's-up with 65 points were Mark Hallum & Dave Hurley 
but way out in front with a brilliant 72 points were two players who are very familiar with each other's golf game, Keith Burgess & Tony Williams - well done both. 
Joint Winner, Tony Williams 
Joint Winner, Keith Burgess 
Chairman Coppock Claims Cup - August 2019 
The Harris Trophy and 8th Morgan Medal Qualifier had an impressive field of nearly 100 Members, despite the sweltering conditions later in the morning as the players moved into the back-nine of their rounds. With little protection from the rising temperatures, many found it too hot to handle and numerous nil-returns were submitted. 
As ever through, many enjoyed the conditions and some excellent scores were submitted. The top of the leaderboard was all very tight, with no fewer that four players finishing on Net 68. However, those in Division 2 finished the better as the top three all came from there. Those finishing on Net 68 were: 
In 4th (Division 1 winner) was Derwayne Stupple 
in 3rd Alex Goddard 
in 2nd was Mick Field 
but our overall (and Division 2) winner was Club Chairman, Steve Coppock 
Well done to all above for such impressive performances in a Monthly Medal competition. 
Harris Trophy Winner, Steve Coppock 
Olly Shines In Sharman Cup - August 2019 
In the Sharman Cup on Sunday, well over 80 Members started in the Medal Format Competition, but the unusually wet and windy conditions for mid-August got the better of a significant part of the field. Amazingly, one third of the players submitted a 'nil-return', showing just how tough most found things. 
As ever, some just ignored all around them and showed how it could and should be done with nine players delivering really good performances to finish within two of their handicap. However, they say that cream rises to the top and at very top of the leaderboard, were three top golfers (playing off 5, 2 and 4 respectively) who are clearly in great form: 
in 3rd place on Net 71 (C/B) was new Member Andrew Ashall (welcome Andrew) 
in 2nd place on Net 71 (C/B) and lowest gross score was Colin Beard 
but our overall winner with net 70 was Olly Monks 
Well played to all three of them for playing some great golf out there in the elements. 
Sharman Cup Winner, Olly Monks 
with Les Sharman 
Geoff Gives As 'Good' As He Gets - August 2019 
Overall Winner, Geoff Gooding 
In the Veteran's Plate on Sunday, age was shown to be no barrier to success. The competition is open to those over the age of 55 (and at that age, they're mere youngsters obviously), with an extra shot given to players for every five years over the minimum age for entry. 
In a field of 70 players, there were, of course, many in their 50's, 60's and 70's. However, even on a rather blustery morning which made playing conditions challenging, the octogenarians were not to be outdone, and with 5 extra shots to play with for all those over the age of 80, one in particular made the most of it. But, before that, let's reveal the other podium places: 
in 4th place with a Net 70, was 'youngster' Bryan Jappy 
in 3rd place with a very respectable Net 69 was seventy-something Peter Wilson 
runner-up on count-back, with a Net 68 was (also seventy-something) Mick Field 
but the overall winner on count-back, also with a Net 68 was the amazing octogenarian that is Geoff Gooding. 
Congratulations to all the above for showing just how important experience is - after all, our top three have no fewer than 230 years experience between them!! 
Salver Success for Simon - July 2019 
On another lovely summer's day, nearly 100 members played in the Cartwright Salver and 6th Morgan Medal on Sunday. The course was, as ever, excellent with great definition around the greens and fairways. 
Surprisingly, on such a lovely day, around one-fifth of the field supplied a N/R card, but then Medals do that to golfers, don't they? 
As so often, the cream rises to the top and several players had excellent scores with the top three for each division as follows: 
Division 1 
1st (and overall winner on countback) on Net 67, Simon Hollands 
2nd with Net 68 (c/b) and Lowest Gross Score, Colin Beard 
3rd with Net 68 (c/b) James Armstrong 
Division 2 
1st (and 2nd overall on countback) with Net 67, Tony Peluso 
2nd (c/b) on Net 71, Mark Jarmin 
3rd (c/b) on Net 71, Steve Coppock 
Well done to all the above for their excellent performances 
Cartwright Salver Winner, Simon Hollands 
Club Championship & Biddenham Cup - July 2019 
The Men's Club Championship (gross scores) & Biddenham Cup (net scores) competitions took place over the weekend of the 1st/2nd of July with temperatures rising to a scorching 33 degrees on day 1. Despite a few late withdrawals due to the extreme conditions, 100 competitors took part and Raj Matu even managed to get under (net) par for his first round. Clearly, he likes it hot out there! Unfortunately for him day 2 was cooler, and so was his score, as he slipped down the leaderboard. 
Others then came to the fore and several very impressive performances on the Sunday saw the Biddenham Cup (net) moving from one player to another over the back-nine. Luke Gardner's Net 72 in both rounds was enough to see him take 3rd place, but low round of the weekend went to Dom Whitehouse who managed an amazing gross 70 and net 65 on Saturday to secure 2nd place overall after two rounds. Our Biddenham Cup winner though with a tremendous Net 70 on day 1 and Net 69 on day 2 was Dave Marshall. Our congratulations to him. 
Biddenham Cup Winner, Dave Marshall with Captain, Andy Brown 
In the Club Championship (gross scores) things were even tighter after the two rounds, with Biddenham Cup winner Dave tied with the holder, Seb Lovell. Not for the first time therefore, a play-off was required to determine the winner and five extra holes needed to be played before a winner finally emerged. 
Seb tees off in the play-off 
And Dave follows him onto the fairway 
There was some exceptional golf played by the pair and amazingly, just one shot was dropped between the two of them over their combined ten holes of golf. 
On the 18th, their 4th hole, Dave played to a good position but, uncharacteristically, Seb put his tee shot under the oak tree to the right of the fairway. However, he then drilled it low under the branches with an iron to the back of the green and made his par with two putts. 
Seb drills it low into 18 
After four holes it was still level as they teed off the 1st again. Dave played just right of the fairway, Seb’s opening shot went left and having carried the deep rough finished in front of the 18th tee. However an excellent recovery followed and with Dave’s approach coming up short, a two putt par was enough to see Seb home by one shot. 
Seb with the prized 
Club Championship Trophy 
So, another year, another Club Championship for Seb Lovell - well done again Seb. 
Deacon Dinner & Deacon/Judges Cups - June 2019 
A great night was had by those attending the annual Deacon Dinner - one of the most important events in the Men's calendar at Bedfordshire Golf Club. On a beautiful sunny Saturday evening, those attending the black-tie dinner gathered for pre-dinner drinks and the moment was captured for posterity with everyone on the balcony. 
Deacon Dinner 2019 - the entire party 
Following a delicious four-course meal and the traditional toasts to past winners, dignitaries and of course 'new-boys', the party were treated to an hilarious after-dinner speaker in the form of Aaron James. He had the room falling about with amusing comments and stories about many of those in attendance, in addition to material suited only to gentlemen of a certain age after a certain amount of drink! 
As is tradition in the Deacon, most of those attending the dinner will bet £1 with the majority of the others playing, to add a little spice to the event. Playing a decent round the next day therefore, becomes important from more than just a handicap perspective! 
On to the Sunday competition, with everyone competing for the Deacon Cup (best net score) and for the select few, the Judges Cup (best gross). 
The course was in fantastic condition, with perfectly sculptured first cuts on the fairways and manicured greens. The Greens Team have done an amazing job developing the course over the last few weeks. 
With a stiff breeze, conditions were tough though, and the Standard Scratch rose to 73. This meant that those finishing with a net 75 had no handicap change and made quite a few pounds into the bargain from the betting. The best performances on the day though, were: 
In the Judges Cup (best gross) - 
3rd with 80 was Richard Caunt 
2nd with 78 was John Donnelly 
but the winner with Gross 77 was John Haines 
Judges Cup winner John Haines with Andy 
On to the Deacon Cup itself, and unsurprisingly perhaps, those who performed well with Gross scores, also did well in the Net competition. The top three in the Deacon Cup were: 
3rd on Net 71 (c/b) was John Haines 
2nd on Net 71 (c/b) was John Donnelly 
but our 2019 winner with a brilliant Net 69 was Adrian Wareing. 
Deacon Cup winner Adrian Wareing with The Captain 
Our congratulations to both Adrian and John and well done to all the others who played to the very end, even if their scores weren't quite what they might have wished for. 
Our thanks go to the entire catering and bar staff teams for looking after us all so well. Thanks also to Captain Andy Brown for hosting the event and providing us all with a little history of the Deacon. 
Where There's a 'Will' There's a Way - June 2019 
There was an amazing turnout of 116 players on Sunday for the Guy Pym Cup in what were rather breezy and challenging conditions. This wind was reflected in the scores, as for many it blew theirs southwards, resulting in less than half the field making it through the 30 point barrier! 
As ever, some of those taking part managed to ignore everything around them and put in some excellent performances, and on Sunday there were four players who went below Net Par to stand out from the rest.  
in 4th place (c/b) with 38 points was Neil Judd 
in 3rd (c/b) also with 38 points was Dave Marshall 
the runner-up (c/b) with 39 was Glenn Surridge 
but our winner (c/b) with 39 points was Will Marsh - many congratulations to him. 
Another trophy for the Marsh family, with mum & dad also doing amazingly well recently. Do they have enough shelf space? 
Guy Pym Cup Winner, Will Marsh 
Dynamic Double Act Dominate Donnelly Salvers - May 2019 
It's only two months since we reported on an impressive victory for this Sunday's winners and now they've gone and done it again. Despite handicap cuts for both of them in the intermediate period, Eddy Hayes and Luke Gardner came out on top in the Tom Donnelly Salvers this weekend. 
In what is now a regular occurrence on Sundays, 100 of our members took part in the main weekend men's competition, showing the real vibrancy of the club. With the fairways transformed after recent fertilizer and rain and the greens fast and true, there was widespread praise for the work the Greens Team have been doing to get our courses in such great condition for the peak season. 
Back to the golf and surprisingly, just three pairings managed to get into the 40's, so the top three in reverse order were as follows: 
in 3rd on 40 points - Shaun Appleby & Adrian Sampson 
runners-up (c/b) on 41 points - Keith Burgess & Tony Williams 
but as reported above, our victors (c/b) on 41 points were Eddy Hayes & Luke Gardner 
With other pairs competitions coming up, I'm sure they'll be looking for a hat-trick of wins! 
Luke & Eddy after another victory, with Captain Andy 
Jas Claims Kline Cup - May 2019 
Kline Cup Winner, Jas Matharu 
With the Division 1 Players given a Sunday off, the focus was on the Mid-Handicappers for the honour of securing the Kline Cup. 
With over 60 taking part, including many previous trophy winners, competition for places was intense. Perhaps surprisingly, with such excellent conditions for play, just half the field finished below Net 80. With little room for error though, the stroke-play format of the competition clearly caught many out as mistakes were punished and gross scores mounted up. 
As is usually the way however, some found their form on the day, and one in particular. 
So, in reverse order, the top of the leaderboard was: 
in 4th place (c/b) on Net 70 was Peter Pacifici 
in 3rd (c/b), also on Net 70 was Mick Field 
our runner-up on Net 69 was Gary Allman 
but our big winner on the day with a magnificent Net 66 was Jas Matharu 
Well done to Jas and the others above who performed so well. 
Vito Claims the Crown in Coronation Cup - May 2019 
On a beautifully sunny Sunday, we had our largest field for a singles event in 2019 with no fewer than 112 players taking part in the Coronation Cup Stableford. The much needed rain over the previous few days had softened the course up nicely and added some real growth to the fairways and around the greens. 
Despite all this, conditions were clearly still fairly tough as only half the field managed the break the 30 point barrier, including several recent competition winners. As ever though, a number of players mastered the course on the day and the cream of the crop finished as follows: 
in 4th place on 38 (c/b) was Tim Whitwham 
in 3rd, also on 38 (c/b) was Thomas de Oliveira 
our runner-up on 39 points (c/b) was Ben Davis 
but claiming the Coronation Cup Crown was Vito Di Sapia 
Well done the all the above and also to our Greenskeepers for making the course look splendid in the sunshine and a pleasure to play on. 
Coronation Cup Winner - Vito Di Sapia 
President's Putter Gets 'White-Hot' Treatment - May 2019 
With over 100 competitors, this year's President's Putter was always going to be a challenge, but as the breeze got up at Stagsden on Saturday morning, things became even tougher for all those hoping to win this historic trophy. So much so, that the final Stableford points scores resembled those of a January competition rather than a May one! 
In fact fewer than 30% of the field even managed to reach 30 points, so huge credit must go to those who actually finished under net par for their round. These were a very select little band indeed, with just 4 players achieving more than 36 points. With that in mind, we thought they all deserved a mention so: 
in 4th place (c/b) with 37 points was Harry O'Dell 
in 3rd (c/b) also with 37 points was David Jermyn 
runner-up (c/b) with a very impressive 39 points was Anthony McCarthy 
but the winner (c/b) also with 39 was Simon White. 
Winner Simon White, with The President 
A big 'well done' to all those above as they found a way to master the course with such challenging conditions to cope with. 
Runner-up Tony McCarthy 
David Jermyn in 3rd place 
Gale Salvers Qualifying Event - Who Made The Cut? - April 2019 
The Gale Salvers qualifying competition took place on Sunday to see who could make it through to the 'knock-out' stages of the competition, against the Head Professional and one of The President, The Club Captain or The Vice-Captain. 
Winners John Donnelly & Simon Sharman with Captain And
The overall winners of the qualifier with a tremendous 43 points were John Donnelly and Simon Sharman (pictured here). They, along with 11 other pairings (as listed below) made it through to the next stage of the 2019 Gale Salvers Competition. 
1st with 43 points John Donnelly & Simon Sharman 
2nd with 42 points were Tim Bailey & John Owen 
3rd with 41 points were Neal Judd & Richard Parker 
4th with 41 points were Iain Macfarlane & Les Sharman 
The above pairings will play against Captain Andy Brown and Geraint Dixon 
5th with 41 points were Jason Hannon & Tom Worboys 
6th with 41 points were Ray Graham & John Jappy 
7th with 40 points were Bryan Jappy & Simon Fardell 
8th with 40 points were Raj Matu & Martin Jones 
The above pairings will play against Vice Captain, Nick Turnbull & Geraint Dixon 
9th with 39 points were Dave O’Connor & Bob O’Connor 
10th with 39 points were Anthony McCarthy & Mick Field 
11th with 39 points were Karl Green & Ray Farman 
12the with 39 points were Tim Moxon & Andy Lay 
The above pairings will play against President, Joe Nellis & Geraint Dixon 
Well done to all the above pairings for successfully 'making the cut'. 
Scrambling The Opposition on Easter Day - April 2019 
Winners, Brian Allen, Tony & Will Marsh 
& Robin Illingworth with the Captain 
With the early morning sun rising in the sky on Easter Day, 100 of our members were on their respective tees for the 8.00am shotgun. Near perfect weather conditions provided players with very few excuses and apart from the odd hard bounce from lack of rain, neither did the course! 
The Texas Scramble format also meant all the teams had plenty of chances to secure those all-important birdies - essential for this form of golf, if your team is to score well. Birdies were in fact, collected as if they were going out of fashion, with several teams scoring six and even seven, but one team managed double figures. They didn't win, but the team of Mike & Seb Lovell along with Shaun Appleby and Nigel Fordham scored 10 birdies to finish in 3rd place overall on Net 58.0. How they were left ruing a bogie 4 on the 6th! 
In 2nd place with Net 57.7 were the in-form Mossford family. Andrew, Liam and Ken were accompanied by Mark Tebbutt 
But our overall winners with a superb Net 57 were Brian Allen, Robin Illingworth and Tony & Will Marsh. Well done to all the above and it sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. 
April Accomplishment for Andy - April 2019 
The Men's April Medal, with over 100 members competing, was a closely fought affair in both divisions. Conditions proved as tough as ever at this time of the year, with just two players from a total of 106 starters, shooting under par overall! 
In Division 1 the best performances came from single figure handicappers in the forms of: 
Div 1 winner with Net 69 - Olly Monks 
in 2nd place on Net 70 (c/b) - Dave Marshall 
in 3rd place on Net 70 (c/b) - Dave Hurley 
In Division 2 the best scores were as follows: 
Div 2 (and overall) winner with Net 68 - Andy Tyler 
in 2nd place on Net 70 (c/b) - Simon Henry 
in 3rd place on Net 70 (c/b) - Barry Runcie 
Well done to all the above for for their excellent displays of golf in what, for most, proved hard going. 
April Medal Winner Andy Tyler with Chair of Golf, John Haines 
'Marshing' to Victory in the Rawlins Bowl - April 2019 
We've had a regular stream of family related wins in competitions over the last 12 months and amazingly, we saw yet another on Sunday when father and son, Tony and William Marsh, were victorious in the Rawlins Bowl Men's Foursomes. 
Always one of the toughest formats in golf, relying on alternate shots from playing partners can put quite a strain on your game and as always many pairings finished in the Net 80's. For the top few however, things worked out very nicely thank you very much and the best of them were as follows: 
in 3rd place on Net 72.5 were Mark Johnson & Mitchell Young 
runner's up on a very impressive Net 67.5 were Raj Matu & Tim Whitwham 
but the overall winners on Net 66 (along with the best gross score) were Tony & William Marsh. Tony has already had success in the Mixed Golf Competitions, so maybe this is the start of a run of form in the men's ones. 
Well done to all the above and it was great to see the course in such excellent condition at the start of April. 
Joint Winner Tony Marsh 
Blend of Youth & Experience Claims the Day - March 2019 
Victors Eddy & Luke with Captain Andy 
Competition entry numbers continue to rise and in the 4BBB Shotgun Stableford on Sunday, we're delighted to say that nearly 110 members played. With pleasant conditions and the course having dried out nicely to allow more run on the fairways, competition for prizes was always going to be fierce. 
Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the pairings finished with a respectable mid-30's score, but a few in-form teams went much higher. Six pairs reached the magic 40 points, but three of those just missed out on countback, so those finishing on the podium to win the money were: 
in 3rd place with 40 points, Simon White & Peter Wilson 
in 2nd place with 41 points, Andrew & Ken Mossford 
but our overall winners with a tremendous 43 points with a distinct blend of youth and experience, along of course with a bit of a family link, were Eddy Hayes and Luke Gardner 
Well done to them for a fantastic performance. 
Sharmans Secure The 'Family Salver' - March 2019 
Another 4Ball Betterball, another family victory to report! Over 100 members took part in the Men's Pairs Stableford Competition on Sunday in what, to huge relief, turned out to be the first gale free day for nearly a fortnight! 
With the relatively calm conditions, scores were expected to be well up on recent weeks, but the heavy overnight rain ensured very little run on the course and no-one had an easy time of it. Indeed, nearly a quarter of the field failed to break the 30 point barrier - very unusual for this format. 
Of those who did, a few pairs stood out and just outside the podium in 4th with a very creditable 38 points were David Marshall & Iain 'Tiny' MacFarlane. But scoring even better and making the top three, were: 
in 3rd with 39 points (c/b) were Dave Hurley & Andrew Tyler 
runners-up and also with 39 points (c/b) were Kevin Green & David O'Connor 
but out in front with an impressive 41 points were the father & son pairing of Les & Simon Sharman. Well done both. 
Father and son - Sharmans victorious 
March Medal for Mossford 
Having shown total disdain for tough weather conditions only a few weeks ago whilst winning the Bill Perry Tankards with his brother Robert, Andrew Mossford proved himself again on Sunday. 
The Men's March Medal had nearly 100 members playing and most found the going really tough, after all, the Competition Scratch was 73 (3 above the norm) and 20% of the field provided a 'No Return' card! 
As ever though, when the going gets tough, the..... 
Division 2 Winner with an impressive Net 71 was John Pepper 
Division 1 Runner-Up, also with a Net 71 was Bernie Bone 
but the Division 1 (and overall) Winner with a Net 70 (Gross 76) was Andrew Mossford. If he can do this when the weather is bad, hold on to your hats for the summer! He might be off scratch by then... 
March Medal Winner Andrew Mossford 
Quarterly Trophy Presentation to Winners-Mar 19 
The first Quarterly Presentation to Trophy Winners of 2019 took place on Sunday after the Men's Texas Scramble. The Scramble itself turned out to be a bit of a 'birdie-fest' with most of the best scoring team having at least 4. The winning team however (pictured below) achieved an unbelievable 8 in their round! No wonder they finished on top... 
The Texas Scramble Winners - 
Shaun Appleby, Nigel Fordham, Mike Lovell & Seb Lovell 
Club Captain Andy Brown presented trophies to winners of competitions as far back as last Autumn, including:  
Fourball Tankards - Chris Williams & Steve Long 
2nd Morgan 2019 Div 1 - Graham Crawford 
2nd Morgan 2019 Div 2 - Anthony Hampton TD 
John Jappy Boxing Day Challenge - David Donnelly 
July Medal Div 2 2018 - Steve Roberts 
Guy Pym Cup - Kevin Medhurst TD 
Bob Dunbar - Kevin Medhurst & Howard White TD 
8th Morgan 2018 Div 2 - Brian Allen 
Cartwright Salver - Dominic Whitehouse TD 
Veterans Plate - Ray Farman 
Aquila Trophy - Steve Coppock & David Owen 
Gale Salvers - G Clarke, S Fardell 
Academy Championship - S Cavill TD 
Nov Medal 2 - Div 1, S Lovell, Div 2, M Hallum TD 
Nov Medal 1 - Div 1, I Macfarlane TD Div 2 N Fish 
Oct Medal - Div 1, G Clarke TD, Div 2 A Wareing 
Bill Perry Tankards - A Mossford R Mossford 
1st Morgan Medal 2019 - Div 1 A Brown Div 2 M Tebbutt 
Constable Cup - Gary Clarke TD 
Jim Baxter Memorial Salver - Tony Williams 
Congratulations to all the trophy winners. 
Graham Crawford, Morgan Medal, Div 1 
David Donnelly,  
John Jappy Challenge 
Steve Roberts, 
July Medal, Div 2 
Brian Allen 
Morgan Medal, Div 2 
Ray Farman 
Veterans Plate 
David Owen & 
Steve Coppock 
Aquila Trophy 
Simon Fardell & Gary Clarke, Gale Salvers 
Seb Lovell 
Nov Medal, Div 1 
Neil Fish 
Nov Medal, Div 2 
Oct Medal, 
Div 2
Andrew & Robert Mossford, 
Bill Perry Tankards 
Mark Tebbutt 
Morgan Medal, Div 2 
Andy Brown, 
Morgan Medal, Div 1 
Jim Baxter Memorial Trophy 
Lovells Make It A Family Affair in 4BBB - Feb 2019 
The continued early spring weather provided perfect conditions for Sunday's Men's 4Ball Betterball Stableford. 
With the warmer than usual temperatures, the grass has been growing to provide a good covering around the course and as the fairways are drying out nicely, the ball is starting to run further. So, some good scores expected then? We were not disappointed - some of Bedfordshire Golf Club's finest, performed very well, and no fewer than 8 pairings made it into the 40's! 
Amazingly, the top three pairs, all including 'in-form' players, finished on the same score - 43 points. This left the dreaded countback to determine the podium positions, which were: 
in 3rd place - Andrew Jones & Nick Serrecchia 
runner's-up - Barry Sullivan & Graham Crawford 
but the overall winners (with 4 birdies on their card) - father and son Mike & Seb Lovell 
We would to like thank our green-keeping team for presenting the course, and particularly the greens, in such excellent condition for February. We are very lucky to have a team (and the course itself) to be able to do this. 
Seb Lovell - joint winner with father Mike Lovell 
Crawford Comes Out On Top In February Medal - February 2019 
With nearly 100 challengers in Sunday's Men's Monthly Medal, there was some serious competition for the bragging rights in what is always one of the most testing forms of golf. This is especially so in winter conditions, when getting a clean contact on the ball each and every time is at a premium. Good scores after 18 holes are often hard to come by, and a 'Nil Return' for over 10% of the field this time, along with many 'Net' scores in the 80's, indicates this was probably the case on Sunday! 
As ever, some excellent performances counter-balanced this and the very best were as follows: 
Division 2 
in 3rd with a Net 70 (c/b) was Mick Field 
in 2nd with a Net 70 (c/b) was James Armstrong 
but the Division 2 Winner, also with a Net 70 c/b was Anthony Hampton 
It was most unusual to have all top three (overall) placings from Division 1, but this was the case on Sunday, so: 
Division 1 
in 3rd overall with a Net 69 was Dominic Whitehouse 
runner-up overall with a Net 68 was Olly Monks (and best Gross score of 74) 
but the Division 1 and Overall Winner was Graham Crawford. The last few months have seen some impressive form from Graham and it's good to see him put a great round together in the Monthly Medal. 
Well done to Graham and all the others highlighted above. 
Feb Medal Winner, Graham Crawford 
Mossfords' Make The Most of Meteorological Mayhem 
In some of the most challenging conditions seen this winter, the Bill Perry Tankards Foursomes took place on Sunday morning. Cold, wet and very windy probably sums it up and the 60+ players would probably attest to this. 
A number of Nil Returns accompanied several other cards with less than 20 points after 18 holes. Yes, it really was horrible! As ever, some players always seem to come through these challenges relatively unscathed and two pairings even managed to equal, or better their handicap. 
in 3rd place on countback with a very creditable 34 points were Andrew Lancaster & Mark Taylor 
runners-up with 36 points were Colin Beard & Club Captain, Andy Brown. Following last week's individual victory, our new Captain really has got the bit between his teeth 
overall winners though with a tremendous 37 points were Andrew & Robert Mossford 
Well done to all those who battled their way round. 
Joint Winner Andrew Mossford, 
with Chair of Comps, John Haines 
Club Captain Andy Starts On A High! 
In the first Men's Sunday Competition since his Captain's Drive-In, new Club Captain was determined to start off as he means to go on - and he didn't disappoint. 
Due to course conditions following the snowfall in recent days, the field for the Men's Greensome was somewhat reduced from normal levels, but the 66 who played tried to ignore the remains of the white stuff which persisted on the course. Unfortunately, some found things tougher than others and a few didn't quite breach the 30 mark. For others however, there appeared little inconvenience and the big hitters made light work of things.  
Three pairings ended with 39 points, but two just missed out on count-back, so the top three placings were as follows: 
in 3rd with 39 were Graham Crawford & Barry Sullivan 
runner's up with 40 were Kevin Dunbar & Glenn O'Brien 
but the big winners were the aforementioned Andy Brown & partner Stephen Roberts. 
Andy was heard to comment afterwards, "...I thought being Club Captain was supposed to be bad for your golf?" Apparently, he's now looking forward to his year even more! 
Winners Captain, Andy Brown & Stephen Roberts with Chair of Golf, John Haines 
Nick & Phil Enjoy a 'Seniors' Moment - January 2019 
Another excellent turn-out for what was a chilly January morning, saw 94 people playing in the Pre-Drive-In Shotgun Better-Ball Stableford, which was open to all sections of the Club. With important proceedings to take place afterwards, we're pleased to say that there were no major hold-ups, and everyone was back in the club-house and refreshed in time for the 1.00pm Joint Captains' Drive-In. 
As for the results, there was an unusually wide gap between the best and the worst, with several pairings only just managing to get into the 20's in the cold and very windy conditions. Some however found the going a little easier and no fewer than 6 pairings finished with 37 points and a further 4 scored a very impressive 39 points. Three of these just missed out on the money on countback, so the top three placing were as follows: 
in 3rd place on 39 points - Sam Brown & Clive Haywood 
runner's up with 40 points on countback - Shaun Appleby & Nigel Fordham 
but the overall winners, also with 40 points were two of our 'senior', Seniors' in the forms of New Seniors' Captain, Phil Rajotte and Nick Serrecchia 
Well done to all above, and especially to Phil at the start of his Captain's year. 
Winners Nick & Phil, looking suitably pleased with themselves, alongside new Club Captain, Andy Brown 
Right On The 'Mark' In January Medal - Jan 2019 
The Men's January Medal Competition was as fiercely fought out as ever. With the course in excellent condition and relatively mild although breezy conditions, the field of around 90 were expected to deliver some good scores. 
As is so often the case though with medal rounds, the odd mistake is compounded by another, and what looked like a good card with a few holes to play, can become a '..what might have been..', once in the bar with a pint! With many cards in the Net 80's, there must have been quite a few who felt this way. 
At the other end of the leader board, there were a few who made the most of their chances and 5 players ended with Net Par or better. Of those, the best were as follows: 
in 3rd place overall with a Net 68 was Paul Adaway 
the runner-up overall with Net 67 was our Captain in waiting, Andy Brown. Bodes well for his big year. 
but the overall winner with an amazing Net 64 was Mark Tebbutt. Unsurprisingly with a performance like that, he now needs to play off a somewhat lower handicap next time round! Well deserved of course Mark... 
Conor Commands The Show To Start 2019 in Style 
It's the middle of winter and conditions should be pretty tough out there, so it was great to see nearly 100 Members playing in our first Men's Sunday White Tee competition of 2019. 
As it turned out, with excellent greens, just a light breeze and the ball running further than it normally would at this time of year, many players found it easier than usual to score well. In fact, the final totals were very impressive indeed with 25% of the field achieving a score at, or better than, their handicap! 
The very best of these were however significantly better than handicap par. The top three were as follows: 
in 3rd place with 39 points, Robin Illingworth 
runner up with an impressive 41 points, Martin Jones 
but the overall winner with a stunning 43 points off a handicap of 5 was Conor Kavanagh. Unsurprisingly, his Gross 68 was Conor's best ever round of golf and included an incredible 6 birdies! Apparently, his celebrations continued in the bar afterwards! Well done to Conor for such a fantastic performance and we wish him well for the rest of 2019. 
Winner Conor Kavanagh - with an amazing Net 7 under par! 
Team Stableford - Sunday 28th Dec 
In the last Club competition of 2018, nearly 90 of the Members turned out on Sunday morning for a Best 2 of 3 Team Stableford challenge. 
With some excellent performances, scoring was very competitive and no fewer than 5 teams breached the 80 points barrier. It needed one more point than that to finish on the rostrum and so: 
in 3rd with 81 points, were David Jermyn, John Simpson and Peter Wilson 
in 2nd with 83 points (countback) were Graham Jeffrey, Raj Matu and Phil Powell 
The overall winners (also) on 83 points were Simon Henry, Derwayne Stupple and Dominic Whitehouse. Well done to them for finishing the year in such style. 
Winners Derwayne, Dominic & Simon with Vice-Captain Andy Brown 
15 Hole, Yellow-Ball Team Stableford - Sun 16th Dec 
A Shotgun Team Stableford took place on Sunday with just 15 holes being played, to ensure everyone got back into the clubhouse in time for the annual Christmas Lunch! 
The course was in excellent condition for December and some very good golf was played, resulting in a tight finish at the top. In addition to the 'best 2 of 4' Team Stableford, there was also a separate competition for best Yellow-Ball score. The results of both competitions were as follows: 
Team Stableford: 
in 3rd place with 73 points were the team of Kevin Draper, Steve Gilder, Clive Haywood and John Simpson 
in 2nd with 74 points were Colin Beard, Andy Brown, Steve Coppock & John Haines 
but the overall winners with an impressive 77 points were Shaun Appleby, Nigel Fordham along with Mike & Seb Lovell 
Yellow-Ball Competition: 
In 2nd place on countback were the team of Kevin Draper, Steve Gilder, Clive Haywood & John Simpson 
but the Yellow-Ball winners were Colin Beard, Andy Brown, Steve Coppock & John Haines 
Well done to all those mentioned above for their performances and for who played in this fun competition which acted as a great way to build up an appetite for a very tasty Christmas Lunch afterwards. 
Stableford Winners Mike, Nigel, Seb & Shaun 
Yellow-Ball Winners, Andy, Colin, John & Steve 
Olly & Jason Scotch the Opposition - Sunday 2nd Dec 
Some of the members may have started celebrating the festive season early, with Christmas lunches already taking place at the club over the weekend, but it didn't stop 100 of them making it out for the Whisky Stableford Shotgun on Sunday morning! 
Some good scores were recorded too, as 10 pairings' made it into the 40's, making it all very tight at the top. Those finishing on the podium were as follows: 
In 3rd place on 41 (c/b) were Richard Caunt & Sam Brown 
the runner's up, also with 41 (c/b) were Jason Young & Mark Johnson 
but the overall winners with 42 points were Olly Monks & Jason Hannon 
Being the Whisky 4BBB Stableford, he winners were presented with bottles of the good stuff. We assume they celebrated 'hard' into the night! 
Mark & Seb take the Divisional Honours In November Medal - Sun 25th Nov 
Nearly 90 turned out on a chilly morning to compete in the unforgiving challenge of the Men's November Medal. Some allowance had been made for the conditions, with (as usual) the white tees having been moved forward for the winter period, but there were still some very impressive performances to report with 12 of those on the course scoring to their handicap or better. 
In Division 1, three players manged to finish on Net 70 as follows: 
In 4th (c/b) Keith Burgess, in 3rd (c/b) Mark Johnson, in 2nd (c/b) Olly Monks 
But the Division 1 winner was Seb Lovell who finished on a tremendous Net 67 (Gross 67) 
In Division 2, the best scores were as follows: 
In 3rd (c/b) on Net 68 was David Emsley, in 2nd (c/b) on Net 68 was Simon Henry 
but the Division 2 (& Overall) November Medal Winner with Net 67 was Mark Hallum 
Well done to both our winners and all those sharing the podiums with them. 
Division 1 Winner - Seb Lovell 
Division 2 Winner - Mark Hallum 
Mossfords' Make Their Mark - Sun 18th Nov 
In Sunday's Men's Greensome Competition, the first feel of winter bit, as single figure temperatures and a chilly breeze ensured no-one wanted to hang around too long to play their shots as many struggled to warm up early on. 
Unsurprisingly, the conditions took their toll as many finished with scores below those we've been used to to over the last few weeks. Three pairings however definitely didn't let the chill get in the way of a good round and ended well ahead of the pack. 
In 3rd place with 39 points were regular winners Mark Hallum & Jason Young 
runners-up on count-back with an impressive 42 points were Jimmy Hayes & Trevor Munnoch 
but the overall winners, also with 42 points, were 'Team Mossford' (that's father & son Ken & Andrew) who recently joined us at BGC. Well done to them both and welcome to the Club! 
Winners Andrew & Ken Mossford with Chair of Comps, John Haines 
Men's 4 Ball Yellow-ball Team Stableford Competition - Sunday 28th Oct 
On a distinctly chilly autumnal Sunday morning, nearly 90 Members battled it out to score the most team points and, of course, retain their yellow ball until the bitter end. With more layers on than most of us can remember for several months, the golf swings of many weren't quite so fluid as we've been so used to. Some however, took things in their stride and put in very consistent performances as the responsibility to play the yellow ball came their way. 
It wasn't perhaps surprising that scores were below the levels of the impressive numbers we've seen in some previous weeks, but three pairs had the honour of being able say they reached the 80's. In reverse order and in: 
3rd place with 81 points were the team of Chris & Gary Clarke, Les Sharman & Glenn Surridge 
2nd place with 83 points were Brian Allen, Mark Johnson and Jason & Mitchell Young 
but the overall winners with 84 points were the team comprising Ray Farman, Karl Green, Kevin Medhurst & Barry Sullivan 
Photos of three of the winning team are shown here - and of course, some yellow balls! 
Victory for the VC and his Quality Quartet in Sunday's Texas Scramble 
88 golfers met on early in the gloom on Sunday morning for an 8.15 shotgun, but then stood around waiting for the fog to lift! Fortunately it did so, really quickly as it turned out, by 8.30am - much to the relief of poor Steve from the pro-shop, who looked very stressed as everyone was giving him advice on how good visibility was... 
From this point onwards, the weather changed dramatically and the rest of the morning was played in glorious autumn sunshine with most of the teams having a very enjoyable morning playing this entertaining Texas Scramble competition. 
The eventual winners were at the 19th hole first and therefore sat in the lounge drinking beer and watching scores being entered to see if anyone could match their performance: 
Clarke, Fardell, Hayes, Crawford went close, but ultimately nobody could overhaul the foursome of Beard, Brown, Coppock, Haines and their very impressive gross 59/net 56.5 
Their round consisted of 7 pars and 11 birdies - notably they had a remarkable front 9 of gross 28 which included 7 consecutive 3's from holes 3 to 9 - amazing. 
Needless to say there were loud, if friendly, jeers in the clubhouse when the Captain announced the winners. 
Victorious VC Andy and one of his side-kicks! 
Soggy Salvers Success For Scanlon & Young 
On a very soggy Sunday morning at Stagsden where an boat might have been a more suitable form of transport than a golf buggy, 40 Members braved it out for the four hours it took to get round in the Men's 4Ball Betterball Competition. Many others had seen the forecast and found good reasons why they needed to be elsewhere at the time! 
With the going being so tough and the wet-weather gear getting a serious workout, there were bound to be casualties and several pairs didn't even make it into the 30's. For others, the whole experience was clearly not such a bad one as they squelched their way round to some impressive totals. 
In 3rd place with a very respectable 38 points were Graham Crawford & Glenn Surridge 
the runner's up with 41 points were Simon Hollands & Jason Young 
but the overall winners with an impressive 43 points were Tony Scanlon & Mitchell Young 
Very well done to all the above for both their resilience and ability to keep their clubs dry enough to still play shots with! 
Men's October Medal Winner, Gary Clarke 
October Medal Glory for Gary 
The Men's October Medal was played on Sunday in fine autumnal weather and the course had benefited significantly from all the rain which fell during the previous day. 
A good turn-out of players included many recent trophy winners, so coming out on top was always going to be a challenge. Many of those competing had impressive rounds of golf, with seven of the field finishing either at or below Net Par. Of these, five scored Net 70, including John Haines, Karl Green, Olly Monks and Adrian Wareing, but they were all knocked off the podium as count-back again came into play! The top three therefore finished as follows: 
in 3rd on Net 70 was Harry O'Dell 
runner-up on Net 67 (c/b) was Keith Burgess 
but the overall winner, also with Net 67 (c/b) was Gary Clarke 
Well done to all those finishing in the placings with some excellent golf being played. 
Tony's 'Trophy of Trophies' Triumph 
A select group of Club Trophy winners competed for the coveted 'winner of winners' award - the Anderson Trophy on Sunday. As one might expect, it was a very competitive field, with so many 2018 trophy winners taking part. The blustery conditions and the Medal format however, took their toll and some of the 'big' names fell by the wayside during the round. The winner's rostrum was therefore left wide open for a new victor in 2018 and up stepped a few individuals to perform at their best on the day.  
Just five players finished under (Net) par - four of them on Net 68. With count-back coming into play again, those on the winner's rostrum were as follows: 
in 3rd place on Net 68 was recent 'serial winner' Kevin Medhurst 
in 2nd place, also on Net 68, was Pat Moriarty 
but the overall winner with a tremendous net 66, was Tony Peluso, to take the trophy. Congratulations to him for such an impressive win in challenging conditions. 
Eddy Holds on to Win - Despite Back-Nine Nerves 
Blustery autumnal conditions made scoring tough in Sunday's Men's Stableford and the final results reflected this. With nearly 90 taking part, only 10% ended better than their handicap and the mid-forties numbers we sometime see, were nowhere in sight! 
The podium placings were decided on count-back with Colin Beard 2nd, Adrian Wareing in 3rd and Dave O'Connor in 4th all scoring a very respectable 38 points. 
The overall winner though managed to break the forty barrier - just. Our victor Eddy Hayes had a fantastic front-nine with 23 points, but nerves rather got the better of him on the way home and he so nearly let things slip. He made the cardinal error of imaging his final score when he'd still got holes to play, and we all know what that does for your card! 
He three putted from six feet at 15 and 'blobbed' the 17th as the wobble looked serious, but he recovered his composure just in time on 18 to secure two points and a final total of 40. Well done to Eddy for holding it together - just. 
Bob Dunbar Trophy - Sunday 10th Sept 
Nearly 100 members played for the sought-after Bob Dunbar Trophy - a competition in memory of the much loved Bob Dunbar, and presented by his son and recent Past Captain, Kevin. 
The format is 4Ball Betterball and scores were very competitive, with no fewer than 10 pairs scoring 40 points or more. It was even tighter for the top three placings with: 
Glen Anderson & Liam Greenwood in 3rd place on 42 points 
John Donnelly & Les Sharman runner's up with 43 points 
but the victors, also with 43 points were Howard White and Kevin Medhurst. 
Unfortunately the winners couldn't stay around for the presentation, so we have no photo of them to show you. Instead - here's one of Kevin Dunbar with the trophy (nice one Kev)! 
Marshall Magic Secures Sharman Cup 
Always a popular competition, The Sharman Cup didn't disappoint again this year with 80 of the Members taking part in the shotgun start on a pleasant early September morning. 
Conditions were good and many scores reflected this with no fewer than 14 players securing the Standard Scratch of 71 or better. Of these, six made it into the 60's and the top three very impressive performances were as follows: 
in 3rd place on Net 66, Simon Sharman 
in 2nd on Net 65 was Ross Ellens 
but the outright winner with Gross 69 (wow!) and a Net 62 was Dave Marshall playing the round of his life. Well done to him and the others. 
There were one or two slightly less impressive performances which were rewarded in their own special way by Les Sharman: 
Worst Net score went to Ray Farman - we won't even mention the Gross score which had three digits in in! He was rewarded with a Fishing Net! 
Most balls in the water (4) went to Anthony McCarthy. He was rewarded with a Ball Retriever! 
Thanks to Les Sharman for his ongoing support for this competition. It is much appreciated 
Winner Dave Marshall with Les
3rd best Net (66) - Simon Sharman - with Dad! 
Anthony McCarthy with his ball retriever! 
Worst Net score - Ray Farman
Kevin turns on the style to win the August Medal and Harris Trophy 
On a cool, blustery and rather wet Sunday morning a slightly depleted field fought it out for the August Medal, and many clearly found it very tough as there was a significant number of Nil Returns! Others performed better though and the very best of these were as follows: 
Division 1 
in 3rd place with Net 69 - Jason Young 
in 2nd, also on Net 69 - Dave Marshall 
but the winner with an impressive Net 67 was Kevin Medhurst 
Division 2 
in 3rd with Net 71 - Trevor Pasquire 
in 2nd, also on Net 71 - Phil Remblance 
but the Division 2 winner with Net 69 was Brian Allen 
Well done to all the above and especially to Kevin for continuing his impressive run of form in 2018 
Harris Trophy Winner Kevin Medhurst, with Captain Jim 
Age clearly no barrier to Ray as he wins the Veterans' Plate 
A big field turned out in windy conditions on Sunday morning to fight for the Veterans' Plate. A significant section of the competitors found it all too much and submitted a Nil Return for their morning's work, but others clearly found things more to their liking, putting in some impressive performances despite being considerably older than many playing. 
The best scores on the day were from: 
in 3rd place with Net 69 was Mark Westwell 
the runner up, also with Net 69 was Geoff Gooding 
but the overall winner with a brilliant Net 66 was Ray Farman (who can be seen here relaxing the bar with a well-earned drink) 
Congratulations to Ray for such an impressive win. 
Veterans' Plate Winner Ray Farman 
4 Man Team Variable Stableford - Sun 12th Aug 
A very competitive field played out the Team (Variable) Stableford at the weekend and some impressive scores were recorded with nearly half the field managing to get over 100 points after 18 holes. The best of these were as follows: 
in 3rd with 109 points, our well know Italian quartet of Tony Ciampa, Florindo and Vito Di Sapia and Mick Valerio 
in 2nd on 111 points, the 'Late Arrivals' quartet of Keith Burgess, Geoff Gooding, Martin Jones and Tony Williams 
but the winners with a very impressive 113 points were the 'BOGS' quartet of Brian Allen, Phil Ilsley, Robin Illingworth and Kevin Medhurst 
Perhaps the most impressive achievement of the event though (albeit with a little member's luck) was achieved by Andy Fensome who scored an Eagle 2 on the 18! Well done to him and to all the winners. 
The 18th green - location for Andy Fensome's Eagle 2 
Winners David & Steve with a few mates! 
Awesome Aquila Action from Coppock & Owen. 
The Aquila Trophy on Sunday saw a good turnout and some very impressive scores. A Pairs Betterball competition (90% of handicap), over two thirds of the pairs were under par after 18 and one pair in particular played so well that they put in a stunning score. 
The top three pairs, all of whom scored fantastically well, finished as follows: 
in 3rd (c/b) on 8 up were Keith Burgess & Tony Williams 
in 2nd (c/b) also on 8 up were Phil Ilsley & Mark Johnson 
but the resounding winners in 10 up were David Owen & Steve Coppock, who apparently played so well, they dove-tailed like they'd been playing partners for years! 
Well done to all the above. 
The winners are pictured here with a few mates after their round the day before 
Monthly Medal - Sunday 29th July 
A good turn-out on Sunday saw some fierce competition for the Men's Monthly Medal, in what were challenging conditions. The course is still very dry and bouncy, but to add to this, the wind picked up significantly, ensuring no-one had an easy time of it. As so often happens however, the cream rises to the top and some familiar names topped the leader-board at the end 
Division 1 
in 4th place (c/b) on Net 73 was Olly Ellens 
in 3rd place (c/b) also on Net 73 was Conor Kavanagh 
in 2nd place (c/b) with Net 72 was Simon Hollands 
but the Division 1 winner, also on Net 72 was Seb Lovell. For good measure, he secured Best Gross with 71! 
Division 2 
in 4th place (c/b) on Net 73 was Phil Powell 
in 3rd place (c/b) also on Net 73 was Andrew Jones 
runner-up (c/b) also Net 73 was his namesake Martin Jones 
but the Div 2 and Overall winner with an impressive Net 70 was Stephen Roberts 
Well done to all the above for performing so well in tough playing conditions. 
Division 1 Winner - Seb Lovell 
Dominic Dominates in Cartwright 
On another sunny summer morning, a good field played in the Cartwright Salver & 6th Morgan Medal. In recent weeks, the challenging conditions had seriously affected the scores, but on Sunday, many had obviously acclimatized themselves and the results were the best we've seen at the top of the leader-board for some time. No fewer than 11 players were either equal to or better than their handicap. The best of these were as follows: 
In 5th place on Net 69 and with the best gross score was Seb Lovell 
In 4th, also on Net 69 was Tim Moxon 
In 3rd, also on Net 69 was Wayne Smith 
In 2nd with an impressive Net 66 was Simon White 
but the overall winner with a brilliant Net 63 was Dominic Whitehouse. This result is an 18 shot positive swing from his last competition result only ten days earlier and it sees his handicap reduce to 7.6! Congratulations. 
The Club Championship, Biddenham Cup and Junior Championship  
The Club Championship, Biddenham Cup and Junior Championship were played over Saturday and Sunday last weekend in fantastic conditions albeit with a challenging breeze on a hard and fast golf course making scoring very tricky. 
Seb Lovell once again came out on top in the club championships by some 10 shots, well played Seb! 
The Biddenham Cup was a much tighter affair with Wayne Smith and Marc Wagstaff tying on 146 to force a playoff. The 3 hole playoff took place over the 10th, 6th and 18th holes. 
Both Wayne and Marc played very well indeed but probably the shot of the day was played by Wayne on the 10th, with his ball buried in deep rough about 180yards from the pin he hit an absolutely perfect 7 iron to 5 feet and and although Marc went on to match Wayne on 10 and 6 he finally ran out of steam on 18 leaving Wayne to collect the Biddenham Cup from Jim Godfrey, well done Wayne. 
Bedfordshire Golf Club’s next superstar in the making, Roisin Scanlon won the Junior club championship with an excellent gross 84 net 71 from William Mowe in second place. 
Well done Roisin and all who took part in the championships. 
Club Champion again, Seb Lovell 
Biddenham Cup Winner, Wayne Smith 
Runner-up, Mark Hallum 
Junior Champion, Roisin Scanlon 
It's Pyms O'Clock as Kevin secures victory in the Guy Pym Cup 
It was another good turnout on Sunday, this time for the Guy Pym Cup Stableford. The course looked great, but it demonstrated just how tough things are out there at the moment. In a very competitive field, including some players close to the top of their game, only five of them managed to achieve Net Par! 
With the two on 36 points just missing out on the placings: 
in 3rd place on 37 points was Jas Matharu 
the runner-up, who also finished on 37 points (on count-back) was one or our Past Captains' Tony Ciampa 
but the winner, with an impressive 38 points was Kevin Medhurst (who now drops to a new 2018 handicap low of 11) 
Well done to all the above for their excellent performances. 
Joe Celebrates His 'Coronation' in Style! 
This year's Coronation Cup had another excellent turn-out, with what is becoming a regular occurrence for men's Sunday competitions, as 100 Members challenged for the honour of winning this 'regal' encounter. 
The course was in its usual excellent condition and, but with the grasses having been allowed to grow in the rough, staying on the straight and narrow was all important. As ever, some fared better than others and the best performances were as follows: 
In 3rd place with 37 points was Mick Keens 
runner-up with a very impressive 38 points (on count-back) off 10, was Junior James Armstrong 
but the overall winner, also with 38 points was Joe Nellis. Maybe he was given an extra incentive to win by his wife - our very own Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire and The Queen's representative in the County! Either way, Well done Joe. 
Strictly Come Stagsden as our Men Waltz Their Way to a Win 
A slightly unusual competition faced our men last Sunday as they used the 1,2,3 - 1,2,3 'waltz' format to score their way to victory. With 25 groups playing, the course was busy, but as so often seems to be the case of late, even with excellent conditions, points weren't easy to come by and only five groups finished level on points - and only three of these scored better. 
in 3rd place on 75 points were Mick Field, Harry O'Dell and Jason Walker 
Runners-up, also on 75 points, were Keith Burgess, Adrian Sampson and Tony Williams 
but our overall winners with 76 points were Eddy Gallagher, Andrew Lancaster and Glenn Surridge. 
Well done to all the above 
Deacon Drama as added holes needed to divide defiant duo! 
After an excellent meal and plenty of liquid refreshment the previous evening at the Deacon Dinner, 50 made it onto the tee to fight it out for the honour of winning one of the most prestigious competitions in the Men's calendar. The Deacon has a long history and some of those turning up after a heavy night, looked as though they had played in most of them... 
With excellent course and weather conditions, the competition was fierce and some very good scores were recorded - along (as normal in this event) with many others in the Net 80's which the owners were perhaps less likely to remember with any great fondness. 
As for those whose golf was on a high, two players finished on Net 67 and this required additional holes to determine a winner. So Robin Illingworth and Richard Caunt, set off all over again, both seeking the ultimate glory. 
Three further holes were completed and they still couldn't be separated, but on the 4th extra hole Robin snatched victory and became our Deacon Cup winner. 
Not to be out-done, Richard, who played magnificently, secured the best gross score of 75 to win The Judges Cup. 
Well done to both of them for their impressive performances 
Robin receiving his trophy from Captain Jim 
Two victors and their trophies 
Judges Cup winner Richard with Jim 
A congratulatory handshake 
40+ Point Win in 40th Anniversary of Donnelly Salvers 
The 40th anniversary of the Tom Donnelly Salvers was played in excellent conditions on Sunday and a tight contest it turned out to be. The Donnelly family was well represented in the contest itself by David, John, Robert and Terry and they remained to present the trophy. As was expected, some good scores were recorded and no fewer than five pairs broke the 40 point barrier. Decided on countback, the final results were as follows: 
in 3rd place with 41 points were father and son, Chris and Gary Clarke 
runners' up with 42 points were Clive Resch and Bryan Jappy 
but the overall winners, also on 42 points were Tony Peluso - and with his second major victory in two weeks, Marc Wagstaff (pictured here) 
Well done to all who took part and huge thanks to the Donnelly family for their generosity and financial support for this event. 
Marc Makes Some Magic in President's Putter 
On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning at Stagsden, 100 players took part in the President's Putter Stableford Competition. With next to perfect conditions for good golf, some excellent scores were anticipated from some of the best golfers amongst the club's men. In was therefore quite a shock to see the final results which showed that only four amongst the entire field shot better than their handicap! Each deserve a mention, so: 
in 4th place with 37 points was Bernie Bone 
in 3rd with 38 was Nigel Fordham 
the runner-up with an impressive 39 points was Richard Caunt 
but the overall winner with an amazing 42 points was Marc Wagstaff. 
Well done Marc - for this performance he loses 10% of his previous handicap. However, as your reporter had the privilege of his company during the round to see how well he played, it probably won't be the last cut Marc sees over the coming months! 
Scramble Success for Claridge, Hallam, Hurley & Tyler 
100 members turned out for the Men's Texas Scramble on Sunday for a rather damp and dreary Shot-Gun start. Whilst many struggled in the almost wintry conditions, the weather didn't get in the way of some teams delivering excellent performances. 
Less than a third of the teams finished under Gross Par, but a select few went even further and with handicaps deducted our top performers were: 
in 3rd place overall with Net 61.8, Mark Johnson, Richard Stevenson along with Jason & Mitchell Young 
in 2nd place on Net 61.7, the Italian contingent of Tony Ciampa, Florindo & Vito Di Sapia and Mick Valerio 
but the overall winners with a very impressive Net 61.0 were Mike Claridge, Mark Hallum, Dave Hurley and Andrew Tyler 
We're sure everyone is looking forward to considerably better conditions for the President's Putter this weekend 
Seb Steals The Show in Friday Medal 
In the first of the 2018 Men's Friday Medal Series, 34 members took part and with rather breezy conditions, most final scores were lower than hoped for. Some however, ignored all around them and played the course extremely well. They say that the best players really stand out when things get tough and this was certainly the case with those finishing at the top. 
Only four players managed to finish either on or better than Par and in reverse order: 
In 4th place with 36 points was Pat Moriarty 
in 3rd, also with 36 points was Rob O'Connor 
in 2nd with 39 points and a Gross 69 was Colin Beard 
but the overall winner with 40 points and a staggering Gross 66 (only one above the course record) was Seb Lovell. 
Well done to all those finishing near the top and in particular to Seb for such a great performance. 
For those who didn't take part, there are seven more Friday Medal's over the next nine weeks and you can play at any time during the day. It's a great way to get qualifying cards in early in the season should you need one to retain an active handicap. 
Kinns Claims The Kline Cup! 
On a day left exclusively for the Division 2 (13-28 handicap) members to shine, over 60 of them competed for the Kline Cup on Sunday. Many of them took their opportunity to do so and delivered some excellent results. 
The course was still recovering for all the rain and with little or no run, the yellow tees were used. Even so, the top three deserve great credit: 
in 3rd place on count-back with Net 67 was Simon Sharman 
in 2nd, also with Net 67 was Phil Ilsley 
but the big winner and with an amazing Net 63 was James Kinns. 
James now has the pleasure of playing off 13, two shots less than before and only just qualifying for Division 2 competitions. Well done to him. 
Armstrong & Clarke The Big Winners in April Medal 
Another big turn-out for the monthly medal with nearly 100 members taking part. Conditions were damp and the course was still 'playing long' after the seemingly continual precipitation. This didn't affect a lot of the players though and some impressive scores were recorded for this time of year. 
In Division 1: 
3rd place was secured by Conor Cavanagh with Net 68 
2nd place saw Andrew Lay just pipping Conor on count-back with Net 68 
Winning the April Medal though was Gary Clarke, also on countback, on Net 68 
In Division 2: 
In 3rd place on countback with net 68 was Jason Walker 
In 2nd place on countback with net 67 was Chris Clarke (rounding off a good day for the Clarke household)! 
but Division 2 (and overall) winner with Net 67 was James Armstrong (sorry, no photo available) 
Well done to all those who took part and we're all hoping the next Medal with be in the warm sunshine! 
Division 1 Medal Winner Gary Clarke 
Rawlins Bowl Foursomes Medal - Sunday 1st April 
Played for in what must be the toughest golf format, the Rawlins Bowl is always a competition worth fighting for, and 34 pairs battled it out for this alternate-shot, stroke-play event.  
Unsurprisingly, the Net results were higher than in other competitions, with no pair able to achieving a sub-par round. Those who came closest however, were as follows: 
in 3rd with Net 74 were perennial winners Jason & Mitchell Young 
in 2nd with Net 73.5 (and best Gross Score of 80) were John Donnelly & Les Sharman 
but the overall winners were Past Captain, Kevin Dunbar and current Seniors' Captain, Tim Bailey with Net 73. Congratulations to them. 
Joint Winner, Kevin Dunbar 
Joint Winner, Tim Bailey 
Leslie Day Salvers - Sunday 25th March 
On a pleasant spring morning, well over 100 Members competed in the (Betterball Stableford), Leslie Day Salvers. With some decent weather preceding the competition, the greens' team had been able to get the fairway mowers out to properly prepare the course - and it looked really impressive for March. 
We get used to good scores with this format, but no fewer than eight pairs managed to finish with over 40 points. The top three however, were as follows: 
In 3rd place with 42 points - Phil Remblance and Robert Donnelly 
In 2nd place with 43 points (on count-back) - Andy Howe and John Owen 
The overall winners, also with 43 points - Jason Hannon and Oliver Monks, who can be seen here receiving their salvers from Captain Jim Godfrey 
Well done to all the above and as we reach April next weekend, we all look forward to a great golf season 
Winners Jason & Oliver with Captain Jim  
'Four-King' Cup - Saturday 24th March 
The 'Four-King' Cup, for those unfamiliar with it, is a competition which permits a maximum of 4 clubs only to be used during the round and while this might sound a challenge, it's surprising how well it is possible to score with such a limited selection. 
A competition mainly participated in by the Saturday morning social groups, it didn't disappoint again this year and members from the BOGS, BYGEMYST and Late Arrivals joined in the challenge. Seven of those who took part managed to play to their handicap (36 points) or better and the best scores were as follows: 
Keith Mills came 3rd with 36 
Marc Wagstaff was runner-up on count-back with 38 
and Past-Captain, Joe Nellis was the overall victor, also with 38 points. 
Well done to all those who took part and we hope that even more will join in next year 
Four King Cup Winner Joe 
Lombard Trophy & 3rd Morgan Medal - Sunday 11th March 
With some spring-like weather and decent playing conditions on Sunday, it wasn't surprising to see a bumper turn-out of nearly 100 Members for the Men's March Medal and Lombard Trophy. The white tees had been moved forward to the 'yellow's' for the competition, but on a very wet course and with little run, it was still 'playing long'. Some excellent results were achieved however, and the best of these were as follows:. 
In Division 1: 
In 3rd with Net 70 was Vice-Captain Andy Brown 
In 2nd, also with Net 70 was Conor Cavanagh 
Division 1 (and overall) Winner was Seb Lovell with a brilliant Net 65 (Gross 66)! This re-instates Seb as Scratch player. 
In Division 2: 
In 3rd was Derek Spadaccini with Net 70 
In 2nd was Mick Keens with Net 69 and overall 3rd 
Division 2 Winner and overall 2nd was Andrew Jones with net 69 
Well done to all the above for such impressive performances 
Overall Winner - Seb Lovell 
Men's 4BBB Stableford Shotgun - Sunday 25th Feb 
In very wintry conditions, over 70 members were on the course for the Shotgun competition on Sunday morning and as with the previous weekend, those conditions affected some more than others. With final points totals for some pairs in the low 20's, it was clearly a struggle to master both the course and the near-freezing conditions! 
Our leading pairs obviously enjoyed their morning rather more - delivered some impressive scores: 
In 3rd place on countback with 37 points were Ben & Tim Davis 
in 2nd with 38 points was the illustrious pairing of The Captain & The President. Playing this well together, high office clearly weighs fairly lightly on Jim & Roger! 
the overall winners however, with 39 points, were Ray Farman & Karl Green. Well done to them and all the pairings who managed to finish under par. 
Men's February Medal Results 
No fewer than 90 players turned out for the Men's February Medal and considering the wintry conditions, some very impressive results were returned by those finishing at the top of the leader-board.  
In Division 1, the Young brothers performed exceptionally well - yet again, with Jason finishing third on Net 69 and Mitchell an amazing Net 66 to win the division. 
They were split by Simon Hollands who finished on Net 67 and achieved the Best Gross Score of 71
In Division 2, Eddie Kerr came 3rd on Net 70. Two shots better in second was Harry O'Dell on Net 68, but Division 2 Winner was Ray Filip who achieved the Overall Best Net Score on the day of 65. 
Well done to all the above for playing the course so well in February! 
Bill Perry Tankards, Stableford Foursomes – Sunday 11th February 
Nearly 80 Members bravely ventured out for the Bill Perry Tankards Foursomes on very cold and breezy Sunday morning. With wet playing conditions after all the rain in the previous 24 hours and the most challenging of formats, scores were bound to be affected and this turned out to be the case, with those finishing in the podium placings recording lower totals than would usually be the case. 
In 3rd place with 31 points on count-back were Andrew Lay & Tim Moxon 
Runners-up on count-back and also with 31 points were Jason Hannan & Conor Kavanagh 
Our winners, with 34 points, and three birdies to show for their efforts, were Vice-Captain Andy Brown and Colin Beard 
Congratulations to them for mastering the conditions and the opposition. 
Joint Winner Colin Beard 
Joint winner  
Vice-Captain, Andy Brown. 
Dave & Peter team up to 'Pacifici' their opponents! 
Well over 70 of the members braved a chilly start in early February to compete in a Greensome Stableford Competition. Whilst always a fun format, most found it challenging and only a handful broke the 36 point 'par' barrier for their pairing. 
In 3rd place with 37 points were Carl Blundell and Wayne Smith (amazingly, including 2 twos)! 
In 2nd, also with 37 were Raj Matu & Phil Powell 
but our winners with an impressive total of 40 points were Dave Hurley and Peter Pacifici - who aren't even normal pairs partners. Maybe they should consider playing another comp together! 
Well done to them and the others who scored so well. 
Joint Captains' Drive-In Betterball Stableford - Sun 28th January 
A good turn-out was guaranteed in the Betterball Stableford on Sunday as it preceded the Joint Captains' Drive-In, and the Members were, as usual, keen to support their new officers. 
Conditions were challenging, as in addition to a stiff breeze, there was little run on the fairways after all the recent rain. Just to add to the challenge, the powers that be had also decided to put majority of the men's tee markers right back on the white tees - unusual for January! This of course, limited the scoring somewhat, but for an impressive few, it seemed to have little or no impact. Those best placed were: 
in 3rd with 39 points were Kevin Dunbar & Simon Hollands 
in 2nd with 40 points were John Esam a& Tony Marsh  
but with an amazing 44 points, our winners were Kevin Medhurst & Oliver Monks 
Well done to all above and to everyone for supporting our new Captains' on their big day. 
Winners Kevin Medhurst & Oliver Monks with new Captain, Jim Godfrey 
Men's Shotgun Stableford - Sunday 21st January - it probably seemed like a good idea at the time! 
Before Sunday’s AGMs the men played an individual Stableford competition. 
At the time of the 8.30am shotgun start, the weather was calm, but by 9.30am snow was falling and by 10.30am there was coverage of about an inch across the whole course. The biggest challenges faced by competitors was firstly finding their ball in the snow and then putting on the greens - some players even resorted to using a rescue club instead of their putter. 
Either the early starters on Monday morning or our greenkeepers had the bonus of finding dozens of nearly new balls scattered across the course where players had hit perfectly straight shots never to see the ball again! 
Most competitors decided that conditions were unplayable and headed for to the bar for early refreshments and to warm up, but some intrepid souls played out the full round and the competition was won by Richard Caunt with a quite unbelievable 29 points, with Jason Hannon, John Owen and Kevin Dunbar close behind with 27 points. Well Done to all... 
One of those stalwarts who remained out in the winter conditions was Chris Clarke, who found a completely new use for his golf trolley - Snow Clearing Services! (see photo) 
Chris Clarke - taking Winter Wheels to a whole new level! 
January Medal - Les and Chris Star with Stunning Mid-Winter Performances 
A very satisfied Les Sharman after his victory. 
Over 90 Members felt brave enough to take on the white tees in the January Medal and for some, their decision was rewarded with impressive performances and indeed a handicap cut! 
In Division 1, Richard Caunt and John Donnelly both achieved Net 69, but even these weren't enough for victory as an in-form Les Sharman showed everyone just how it's done by scoring Net 67 (Gross 75). 
In Division 2, Thomas Miles recorded a really good Net 67 for the runner's up spot, but a rejuvenated Chris Clarke put the years behind him to deliver an amazing Net 65 for overall victory. 
Well done to both our winners. 
Chris Clarke with an impressive Net 65!  
Men's Scratch Team Maintain Winning Form 
The Bedfordshire Golf Club Men's Scratch Team maintained their current run of good form by defeating The Millbrook Golf Club in their own back yard! 
A 3 matches to 2 victory was secured by wins from Andy Brown, John Haines and Team Captain Barry (Bazza) Sullivan. Simon Hollands couldn't quite manage a win in his match and Vito Di Sapia retired hurt after 10 holes, but the victory was already secured. It bodes well for the next couple of years to have the Vice-Captain Elect, Chair of Competitions and a member of The Management Board in such good form in these matches! 
So who were the last men standing in the Whisky Shotgun? 
Over 80 members turned out for the annual Whisky Shotgun on Sunday and the temporary arrival of winter didn't seem to put everyone off their game. Indeed, the alcoholic nature of the prizes offered, seemed to spur some on in the chilly conditions! 
Many good scores were recorded, but it took something very impressive to win the prizes. We can scotch any rumours that the in-form Steve Gilder (and his partner for the day Jas Matharu) won another competition as their 43 points didn't even make the podium. Distilling the key results down however, the top three pairings included: 
In 3rd place on count-back with 44 points were Kevin Medhurst and Barry Sullivan 
in 2nd place on count-back, also with 44 points were Nigel Fordham & Tony Scanlon 
but the winners with 44 points were Neil Fish and Adrian Wareing. 
We have it on good authority that the winners celebrated with the hard stuff well into the night! Probably enough puns for one report... 
Bedfordshire Golf Club defeat Wyboston Lakes in Scratch Match 
BGC defeated Wyboston 4-0 in the Foursomes Scratch League last Saturday, the winning margin was a huge 28 holes up which may help when it comes to the final reckoning for promotion. 
Our team was Seb Lovell and Colin Beard, John Owen and John Haines, Simon Hollands and Ian MacFarlane and Conor Kavanagh and Liam Greenwood.  
Unfortunately team captain Richard Stevenson was unable to play as he is recovering from an operation, we all wish Richard a speedy recovery and hopefully the win will have helped. 
Centenary Salvers - Sunday 15th October 
The Centenary Salvers celebrates Bedfordshire Golf Club's 100 year anniversary in 1991 and has been played for every year since. A Betterball Stableford with a Shotgun start, it was preceded this year with the entire field enjoying one of Chef's excellent Full English breakfasts, when the draw for partners was made. This threw up (no pun intended) some very interesting pairings, which made for a lively atmosphere and a fun morning. Indeed, no-one was more surprised by their victory, than this year's winners themselves! 
The course was presented as beautifully as ever by John and the team, and with just a light breeze to start off, some good scores were expected. We weren't disappointed and nearly 20 pairings scored 37 points and above. To win however, you needed quite a few more than this and just missing out on a victory with 41 points each were: 
in 4th - Iain Malcolm and Graham Jeffery 
in 3rd - Richard Caunt and Kevin Medhurst 
in 2nd - Seb Lovell and Simon Hollands 
the overall winners who came in with a tremendous 44 points were Gary Clarke and Pat Moriarty. Well done to them and all the above. 
NB: Your news editor overheard a rather despondent Gary Clarke in the car park beforehand commenting to his playing partner; "I nearly packed up the game last month, because I couldn't hit a golf ball in a straight line." Not perhaps the greatest motivational line before teeing off! Well in the event and having marked the winning pair's card, I can say nothing was further from the truth and along with partner Pat Moriarty, some very impressive golf was played to win the competition and coveted Salvers (see photo). We hope this is the start of Gary's golfing comeback... 
The winning team of 
Gary Clarke and Pat Moriarty 
Anderson Trophy - Sunday 8th October 
The Anderson Trophy is competed for each year by the winners of all the Men's Club Competitions (with over 20 players), so it's seen as bit of a 'Champions League' amongst those taking part. 
In the most beautiful weather conditions possible for October, 38 players took part and the trophy was fiercely contested and some great golf played. No fewer than 12 players (or nearly 1/3 of the field) achieved the Net Competition Scratch Score of 71 - almost unheard of at Stagsden! 
It all came down to count-back for the minor placings with four players on Net 70, but the top three were: 
Liam Greenwood - 3rd place on Net 69 
Robert Donnelly - 2nd with Net 67 
Mark Hallum - Overall winner with Net 66 
Well done to all the above 
Anderson Trophy winner Mark Hallum 
Vice-Captain Elect Celebrates his nomination with a fantastic win in Sunday's Monthly Medal competition. 
Andy Brown, the newly appointed Vice-Captain 2018, who joined the club way back in 1991, clearly enjoyed his weekend as having just been announced in his new role by Captain Elect Jim Godfrey, he won the October monthly medal with a Gross 74 (Net 68), beating Tim Davis and Colin Beard who both scored Net 70. 
Andy has an impressive record of competition wins over the last 26 years with no fewer than: 
3 x Deacon Cups, 5 x Judges Cup, 4 Constable Cups (when it was a scratch knock out) 
3 x Foursomes Cup, 3 x Fourball Tankards, 1 x Peter Morgan Trophy and 1 x Calcutta Cup 
in 2008 he managed to get on 10 honours boards in 1 year and his name is on the boards more than 30 times! 
a long term Scratch Team member (20 years), he Captained the winning County Scratch competition team in 1998 
Aside from his golf, Andy has been Chair of Greens for the last 3 years and was previously 
a General Committee member in the 1990's looking after Comps 
a PLC Board member mid 2000s 
General Committee 2009/10 as Juniors Organiser. 
So, he seems to tick every box available and we all look forward to his indomitable style during his period of office. Well done to Andy for his Medal Win, the inevitable handicap cut (to 5) and his appointment. 
As you can see from the recent photo here, he was seen celebrating in appropriate fashion - although no-one could accuse him of being a bandit, with a handicap that low! 
Vice-'El Capitan' Elect in Celebration Mode! 
Stagsden Trophy - Sat 23rd/Sun 24th September 
The Stagsden Trophy (which celebrates The Club's move from Biddenham to Stagsden in September 2000) was played for at the weekend by a massive field of nearly 150 players from all sections of the club. 
The competition probably also set a new record in the age range for a BGC open competition with over 70 years between the youngest and oldest players in the field! The youngest player at just 10 years of age was Roisin Scanlon - however we couldn't possibly provide the identity of the oldest one show this weekend! 
The course was, as ever these days, in magnificent condition, but it clearly now provides a real test of golf, as although some good scores were achieved, surprisingly few players managed to beat Net Par. 
Just three of the 150 strong field scored 37 points, and these were only just outside the top three placings, as: 
in 3rd place Seb Lovell scored 38 points (and a very impressive Gross 69!) 
in 2nd, also with 38 points was Tim Davis 
but the overall winner with a tremendous 42 points was Kevin Greene, who commented that it's taken him 14 years to win a board trophy. It must be all the sweeter for it! 
Well done to all the above and everyone who took part in making the Stagsden Trophy weekend such a special event, demonstrating once again what great shape the club is in. 
Overall Winner - Kevin Greene. 
Youngest player in the field at 10, Roisin Scanlon 
Bob Dunbar Trophy - Sunday 10th September 
The Bob Dunbar Trophy was played for on Sunday and a large field had to contend with some tricky weather conditions. This did not stop some excellent scoring on the day. 
The trophy itself was first proposed and played for in 2000 by the then Captain Ian Cole, as a mark of respect to Bob, who was a major champion in motivating members to sign up for the new club in Stagsden. He was also, for those that knew him, quite a character with his own style and wit, in addition to being a very competitive golfer. 
Back to the 2017 competition and it was a pleasure to see many of the newer members of the club taking part and on this occasion, victorious in what is a coveted trophy event.  
The top scores were: 
In 4th place on 41 points - Barry Sullivan and Graham Crawford 
In 3rd place on 41 points - Mike and Seb Lovell 
Runners-Up, also on 41 points - Martin Allen and John Simpson 
But the overall winners on 43 points were David Dyson and Peter Milner 
Winners David Dyson & Peter Milner with Kevin Dunbar who presented the trophy. 
Men's Texas Scramble - Sunday 3rd September 
In a fun team competition, a 4 Man Texas Scramble format with a Shotgun start, was combined with teeing off from the White, Yellow and Red tees in sequence. All sounds a bit complicated? Well, great fun was had by all in this entertaining format. 
Unsurprisingly, there were many, many birdies and several teams had Gross scores in the low 60's. For the best scores however, you needed to go even lower! 
In 2nd place were Mark Johnson, Richard Stevenson, Jason & Mitchell Young with Gross 59/Net 55.7 
But outright winners (pictured) were Ben & Tim Davis, Gary Glover and John Owen with Gross 58/Net 53.9. This including a remarkable run of 10 consecutive gross birdies starting at the 12th and finishing at the 3rd! 
In the 2s competition, there were 18 2s involving no fewer than 72 individual players, which suggests a very modest payout. Whilst true, the figure was inflated slightly by the decision of Phil Burley, Chris & Gary Clarke and Mick Keens to not enter the 2s and then proceed to birdie the 6th, 9th and 15th holes. That’ll teach them…………. 
Congratulations also to David & John Donnelly, Tristan Enderby and Mike Lacey who had a eagle 2 on the 3rd hole. 
Notably, the field was held up for while by the 4 ball of Graham Crawford, Phil Burley, Karl Green and Kevin Medhurst when on the 1st hole. Graham hit his drive to the middle of the fairway, where he left his ball and clubs to go and help one of his team mates look for their ball in the plantation to the right. On returning to the ball, his Clubs were nowhere to be seen and after much head scratching, a search ensued which lasted up to 10 minutes during which the 4 ball behind were invited to play through! Eventually, Graham’s clubs were found in long grass near the 2nd tee, fully 200 yards from where he had left them! R&A Rules were checked but appear not to stipulate a maximum time limit for looking for lost clubs! 
Veteran's Plate - August 20th  
Retirement clearly suits long standing member Steve Gilder, as having finally said good-bye to the Corporate world and joined the Seniors', he has just won his first club 'board' competition. With more time to enjoy himself, the odd Saturday morning round of golf has recently been replaced with numerous mid-week games with the Seniors' and the TAT's and the extra practice has clearly had a profound effect on his golf! 
Steve's impressive round of Net 66, just beat Tony Williams and Philip Anderson on count-back, whilst Robert O'Connor was 4th on net 67. Tony and Robert both benefited from the age related extra shots. 
With Steve and his playing partner Nick Willis already into the semi-finals of the Four-ball Tankards, we suggest their next opponents look out... 
Photo: Steve can be seen here, proudly receiving his trophy from Captain John. 
Sharman Cup - Sunday 13th August 
The Sharman Cup was played for on a pleasant summer morning with the course, as usual, excellently presented. With a big field also entered, this all combined to ensure a really tough competition for the eventual trophy winner. Some good scores were expected and we weren't disappointed with no fewer than 8 players under par - a rarity for a medal competition at Stagsden. 
Count-back came into play for the placings with no than 5 players finishing on Net 69. The top three, which includes some very in-form players, in reverse order were: 
In 3rd place on Net 67 - Bernie Bone 
In 2nd place on Net 67 - Daniel Green 
Overall Winner on Net 66 - Tony Ciampa. This was also his best round in 2017! 
Well done to all those in the placings and indeed all the others who either equalled or bettered their handicap on the day. 
Photo: Tony Ciampa receiving the trophy from the unmistakable Les Sharman, from whose family, of course, the Sharman Cup was donated. 
President's Day - July 23rd. 
President's day took place on Sunday July 23rd, hosted by President Roger Willis. Three Stableford competitions ran simultaneously for Men, Ladies and Over 70's. Results were as follows: 
Men's Competition; 
Jason Hannon - 43 pts 
David Rainbow - 38 pts 
Edward Hayes - 37 pts 
Below: Jason Hannon being congratulated by President Roger Willis for his tremendous performance with 43 pts in winning the Men's Competition. 
President's Day - Over 70's Stableford Scores; 
Richard Suthers - 36 pts 
Wilf Mannion - 34 pts 
Harold Beard - 33 pts 
Above: Richard Suthers, winner of the Over 70's competition 
Festival Weekend - 14th - 17th July 
A big thank you to Sam and Nick Turnbull for organising another successful Festival Weekend with competitions taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Impressive turn-outs in the weekend events, good weather and the course looking as splendid as ever, did the club proud. 
Our thanks also go to all the generous sponsors for individual hole prizes in the Festival Fours competition. The full results and 'Spot Prize' winners are below. 
Above: Festival Trophy winner, Barry Sullivan  
Below: Festival Fours, Ladies Pairs winners Brenda Beard & Carol Farnworth 
Above: Festival Fours team winners, Clive Haywood, Peter Wilson & Neil Tabraham 
Below: KVP Salvers winner, Simon Fardell 
2017 Club Championship 
The Club Championship took place over 36 holes on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July. Conditions were near perfect, with warm days and light winds ensuring the best performers would put in some good scores over the two days. 
Day one didn't disappoint, with 4 players under Net Par - and two of these stood out in particular. Club Captain John Simpson had his best ever Medal score with a Gross 75 to produce a Net 67. As if that wasn't enough however, John Owen a recent new member to the club scored a Gross 70 and Net 63 - amazing! 
Day two inevitably saw some improve and others fall back, but in the end our Club Champion was again Seb Lovell who went round in 3 over Gross 143 for the two rounds. Congratulations to him for a splendid tournament win. Another new (country) member to the club, Jeremy Binch came 2nd, only four shots behind him, with 147 - a very impressive debut. The aforementioned John Owen came 3rd with 151 and I'm sure after his first round, it was a case 'what might have been'!  
Club Championship: 
1. Seb Lovell - 73/70 = 143 
2. Jeremy Binch - 74/73 = 147 
3. John Owen - 70/81 = 151 
The Biddenham Cup is of course for the best Net score and in this two of our longer standing members came in the runner's up positions with Liam Greenwood just one behind Dave Hurley who finished with a 1 over Net Par on 141. 
The winner though was John Owen, who's first round of 7 under effectively ensured him his victory, as he finished overall 3 under par for the two rounds. Congratulations to him. 
Biddenham Cup 
1. John Owen - 63/74 = 137 
2. Dave Hurley - 70/71 = 141 
3. Liam Greenwood - 71/71 = 142 
Photo: The two winners on the 18th green after their victories. 
Lord Lieutenant's Trophy 
The annual Lord Lieutenant's Trophy competition took place on Sunday 25th June and in addition to have around 90 members contesting it, we were also honoured to have Helen Nellis, The Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire herself on hand to light the blue touchpaper and stand well back for the shotgun to start the competition - see below. 
The competition itself was a very closely fought affair and most of the placings were decided on count-back: 
In 5th on 37 was Simon Cavill 
In 4th, also on 37 was Mark Johnson 
In 3rd on 38 was Steve Cuddeford 
In 2nd also on 38 was Steve Coppock 
but the overall winner with 39 points was Mark Lewin - congratulations to him 
Above: Mark apparently being 'knighted'! 
Below: Mark receiving his trophy from Lord Lieutenant, Helen 
Men's Texas Scramble - Sunday 4th June 
In Sunday's Men's Texas Scramble competition the winners (with an amazing Net 55.5) were Ray Farman, Karl Green, Kevin Medhurst and Barry Sullivan. Their score of Gross 60 included a staggering 10 birdies in their 18 hole round! Congratulations to them for a tremendous performance. 
Photo: Barry, Karl, Kevin and Ray celebrating after their performance with a pint or two! 
The Deacon Dinner & Cup 
The Deacon Dinner took place on Saturday 27th May in The Biddenham Suite. One of the Club's most prestigious men's events, which has taken place almost every year since the 1920's, it was a very enjoyable if somewhat alcoholically fuelled evening. Following an excellent meal, and Captain John's own amusing golfing 'tales', he introduced this year's guest speaker who was none other than BGC member Nick Willis. Nick, in his own inimitable style, provided a very entertaining speech for the 60+ guests, with some hilarious anecdotes and golfing tales. He received warm and well deserved applause. 
Sunday morning arrived and many of those on the putting green members were complaining of sore heads! Perhaps this explained some of the scores, as very, very few managed to play to their handicap. A small number did though, and things were so tight at the top after 18 holes that a play-off was called for between new member Rob Donnelly and Chris Johnson who were tied on Net 69. 
Above: The Play-off competitors Rob Donnelly and Chris Johnson with Captain John before their three hole play-off on 10, 6 and 18. 
Above: The final green of the Play-off - down to the very last putts - with officials and caddies! 
The ultimate victor after 21 holes and Deacon Cup Winner for 2017 was Rob Donnelly - yet another Major's Board with the family name on it! Well done to Rob (below with Club Captain John) and of course, Chris for his excellent and sporting performance. 
Also played for in this competition is of course, The Judges Cup for the lowest gross score over 18 holes. This year, the trophy was deservedly won by Colin Beard with a 75. 
Above: Colin Beard receiving his trophy from Club Captain, John 
President's Putter - 2017 winner. 
President Roger Willis, presenting Raj Matu the President's Putter for his victory in this year's competition 
Texas Scramble Winners - April 2017 
Conor Kavanagh, Richard Stevenson, Jason Young & Mitchell Young with Captain John Simpson 
Gale Salvers 2017 Qualifying Competition 
12 pairs qualified for the round robin phase of matches against Geraint Dixon and one of the Captain, the President or the Vice-Captain. Leading the way in qualification were Club Chairman, Steve Coppock and Chair of Golf, John Haines (below) with a very impressive better-ball score of 43 points. Good luck everyone in the next round. 
Gale Salvers 2015 & 2016 Winners 
Matt Lea and Rob Sparks were presented with the 2016 Salvers by Captain, John Simpson 
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