Bedfordshire Golf Club Officers - 2017/18 

President - Roger Willis 
Captain - Jim Godfrey 
Ladies Captain - Judy Monico 
General Manager/Head Professional - Geraint Dixon 
Course Manager - John Gubb 
Board of Management 
Steve Coppock (Chairman) 
Gerald Bygraves (Treasurer) 
Clive Haywood (Elected Member) 
Barry Sullivan (Elected Member) 
Roger Willis (President) 
Jim Godfrey (Captain) 
Andy Brown (Vice-Captain) 
Geraint Dixon (General Manager) 
The Committee 
Club Captain - Jim Godfrey 
President - Roger Willis 
Ladies Captain - Judi Monico 
Seniors' Captain - Tim Bailey 
Chair of Greens - Sam Turnbull 
Chair of Golf - John Haines 
Chair of House - Peter Wilson 
Junior Organiser - Anthony Scanlon 
General Manager - Geraint Dixon 
Course Manager - John Gubb